Setting new standards in high-performance automation

With over 25 years in the automation industry, we are the experts in high-performance automation. CIMTEC engineers are both experienced and innovative, enabling us to design, construct, and maintain systems to best achieve the productivity goals of our clients.

Our unique offering of Products, Design, Maintenance and 24/7 Support, positions CIMTEC Automation a valuable partner in the world of Industrial Automation. Your investment in our products and services today, affords you a path to continued success and productivity for years to come.

The CIMTEC Mission: By focusing on advanced technology, CIMTEC delivers innovative automation solutions that provide our customers a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.


A well designed automation system allows CIMTEC customers to stay productive and profitable.

Our expertly designed systems are:

  • Easily maintained for minimal downtime
  • Built with accessible and affordable parts for easy replacement
  • Designed to optimize customer productivity
  • Constructed for maximum efficiency and longterm effectiveness



Automation customers view CIMTEC as a critical supply partner, capable of delivering parts quickly.

We supply our customers with:

  • Over $10,000,000 of inventory in Charlotte, NC
  • Parts for both new and legacy automation systems
  • Warranties on both new and rebuilt parts
  • Same-day, worldwide shipping


CIMTEC provides ongoing customer support, from the initial system design
to any repairs or updates made on legacy systems.

Our support services include:

  • Risk assessment and guidance regarding purchases, repairs and migration
  • Manuals, training and support for start up assistance
  • Phone consultation available 24/7
  • Troubleshooting at your location

GE Automation Controls RX7i Series has Moved to Mature Status


CIMTEC understands the importance of keeping a well maintained automation system.

Our services include:

  • Maintenance for new and legacy systems
  • Access to expert engineers who consult and support your engineering team
  • Knowledge of the entire automation process enabling you to use fewer vendors
  • A two year warranty on in-house repairs

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