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Industry Applications

Lean Manufacturing Solutions

Expert Manufacturing Automation Solutions

manufacturing automation solutionsCIMTEC provides you with the manufacturing automation solutions that you need to cut costs while still providing value to your end users. Our solutions allow you to reduce waste, investment, and labor requirements in your facility, giving you the ability to eliminate unnecessary expenditures while increasing your flexibility to keep pace with market trends and/or consumer demands well into the future.

lean manufacturing solutionsUtilizing our automation consulting services and turn to CIMTEC for lean manufacturing solutions that provide you with the ability to automate costly manual processes. Processes such as vision inspection of parts, verification of data and/or barcodes, product quality assurance, robotic assembly, and in-line motion control systems. Whether you manufacture parts for or are engaged in the automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, utility, and water and/or wastewater treatment industries, CIMTEC is well-versed in the regulations as well as market trends and is fully capable of providing you with the manufacturing automation solutions you need to stay ahead of the competition.

You can rely on our products, either as pre-engineered or customized automation solutions to fit your needs, ranging from remote monitoring systems to articulated robots built using reliable variable speed drives, intelligent computing platforms, cutting edge peripherals, I/O devices, operator interfaces, and a host of other solutions that will fully transform your manufacturing processes into the leanest, most cost efficient in your industry.

We can help you reduce costs while continuing to provide value. Contact Cimtec and take advantage of our lean manufacturing solutions. To experience a few of our lean manufacturing success stories, view our case studies.

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