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Sentinel Remote Monitoring

Sentinel 1000 and 3000 RTU - Remote Monitoring and Telemetry Solutions

Nothing could be simpler to deploy than a Sentinel 1000 or 3000 Remote Monitoring terminal.

First, select the right RTU based on the number and type of input devices to monitor - up to 4 digital and one analog inputs for the Sentinel 1000 or up to 12 digital and 4 analog inputs for the Sentinel 3000.

Next, decide on how you would like to communicate to the RTU - Ethernet, Dial-up Landline, or Wireless - cellular, radio, or satellite communications are supported - your choice. The unit comes pre-configured and wired for the communications option you select.

Finally, simple configuration tools allow you to select from over a dozen pre-installed routines - what are high and low alarm limits, which events to capture, which events are critical alarms, and who to text message when there is an alarm, just to name a few.

It's that simple.

Sentinel 1000/3000 RTU is ideal for a variety of fixed and mobile applications:

  • Lift Station Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Homeland Security / Public Safety
  • Mobile Asset Management
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Remote Data Collection
  • Utility Service Monitoring
  • Stand-by Power Monitoring
  • Off Shore Applications
  • Oil and Gas Monitoring

Sentinel 1000 Product Data Sheet (1.4MB PDF)

Sentinel 3000 Product Data Sheet (1.5MB PDF)

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