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Sentinel Remote Monitoring

Sentinel RM - Remote Water Monitoring

Time is of the essence when you monitor critical data from a remote site. Waiting days or even hours once an alarm occurs can spell trouble for you and your customers if you can't react quickly to what is wrong.

The Sentinel RM remote terminal unit (RTU)

  • Provides chlorine monitoring, tank level monitoring, and pump pressure monitoring at remote well pump locations, making it ideal for Ground Water Monitoring.
  • Immediately notifies you of alarm conditions such as unauthorized entry, loss of power and critical system failures.
  • Sends Real-time alerts directly to pagers, email or to Sentinel Plus Supervisory Software so you can react quickly to alarm conditions.
  • Allows a single supervisor at a central location to monitor data and alarms from hundreds of sites.
  • Provides access over a secure and private internet link allowing the right people to monitor this data from a computer anywhere in the world.
  • Correlates historical and current data to uncover trends that can increase performance with Sentinel RM's data-logging feature.

Ready right out of the box, the Sentinel RM system provides a reliable, state-of-the-art approach to remote monitoring. Contact us to learn more about Sentinel RM, or speak to one of our design engineers about adapting the RTU technology to your remote monitoring application.