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Industry Solutions

Custom Track and Trace Solutions

Industrial Track and Trace Technology

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For track and trace solutions, CIMTEC offers laser measurement technology, measuring and detection solutions including:

Track and Trace Solutions

Our track and trace solutions provide sensor technology for any industrial application giving you the capability to reliably track products easily from the facility floor, through processes, to logistics. From scanners and code readers to the complete vision inspection system, you can quickly and accurately trace products, verify bar codes and detect label misalignment. We also offer solutions using the latest in laser measurement technology as well as measuring and detection solutions for reliable track and trace capabilities that keep your packaging and inventory up-to-date. This in turn reduces bottlenecks in the supply chain creating higher efficiencies and higher profits.

Inspect, identify, and guide parts from factory floor to logistics at the speed of light. Advanced vision tools combined with high-speed image acquisition and processing are easy to configure and deploy regardless of experience. Have your inspection and quality assurance processes improved to increase work flow. Our track and trace solutions are used in a variety of industries and we have automation engineers in each industry to help produce the solution your business requires. For more information about our services or if you are in need of industrial engineering consulting, contact us today.

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