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Automation Engineering

Industrial automation engineering

Industrial automation services perfectly suited for your needs

Since 1987, CIMTEC has been the Southeast’s leading industrial automation engineering resource. You can count on our industry experts to deliver best-in-class service.

Whether you have an application issue or other challenge, with our expert industrial automation services, we can help you select and apply factory automation products to reduce risk and downtime and increase productivity. Our staff of automation engineers can even implement a complete system with our factory automation control products.

We offer a full suite of general engineering services, including diagnostic services, application design, startup assistance, training, and ongoing project management.

Diagnostic Services: Conducting system-level diagnostics is a best practice for understanding system-level performance. With our engineers’ extensive system development experience, our diagnostic approach includes system as well as individual and tandem component level analysis for supervisory control systems, machine control systems, and motion control systems. Some diagnostic services include manufacturing process audits, vision system audits, design strategy review and specific hardware and software audits.

Application Design: Our engineers, working with your team will define the application requirements and develop the automation design best suited to customer needs and in accordance with your company’s specifications. Our Project Proposal phase details CIMTEC's deliverables, including development specifications, definitions of the scope of work, and assignment of a dedicated Project Manager.

Startup Assistance: Our trained Product Specialists fully support our customers during setup and startup phases of our projects, including parameter configuration, software development, and system tests. With CIMTEC on your team, risk is minimized, success is assured, and satisfaction guaranteed.

Training: CIMTEC’s three-tiered training program, including classes at your facility, helps our clients in the application, setup and diagnostic phases. Our training program covers product features and benefits, parameter configuration and software development, and troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Project Management: Our dedicated Project Managers follow CIMTEC’s proven four-step project management process, which begins with project definition and design and continues through execution and delivery.

More than an industrial automation engineering provider, CIMTEC is a partner in your company's long-term success. The expertise of our staff has created a knowledge base and a level of service unmatched in the industrial automation market.

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