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PLC Migration & Conversion Case Studies

As PLCs enter a maturity phase, with some lines having "End of Life" issues, forward thinking businesses are preparing for migration to new PLC systems - before it's too late.

CIMTEC Automation has designed, installed, repaired or migrated thousand of PLC systems since our inception in 1982. Here are a few more recent case studies you can review to see if it's time for you to consider a PLC migration.

GE 90-70 & 90-30 to GE RX3i

As with many old PLC systems, it becomes harder and harder to support Legacy PLC systems – harder to troubleshoot, harder to find a computer that runs the DOS-based software, harder to find parts. In this case, CIMTEC helped its customer with an easy, step-by-step migration.

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GE Series One and 90-30 Migration to GE Rx3i Migration

CIMTEC Automation develops a two-stage solution to help our customer minimize down-time while migrating to a new PLC system that could communicate via TCP/IP over Ethernet in order to use a new measurement tool in the Strontium Tube Polisher machine that polished tube to house nuclear pellets.

[Read the Full Case Study Here]

Simple GE Series One to Rx3i Migration

This customers GE Series One PLC system had become too old and difficult for maintenance to support. CIMTEC designed and built a brand new enclosure which included the new Rx3i system, plus the electrical components needed to replicate the original panel, allowing GE to keep the mechanical aspects of the machine intact so the operators did not have to be retrained.

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GE Series One to GE Rx3i Migration

The entire installation and start-up took three days: Day One was for wiring the panel to the existing field components and ringing out the connections; Day Two was for testing the program on the machine; and on Day Three, CIMTEC's engineers trained GE's maintenance team on the new Rx3i hardware, the Proficy ME software and how to troubleshoot any problem that may occur.

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GE Series 6 to GE Rx3i Migration

CIMTEC Automation's in depth knowledge of the Series Six and its communication protocols were needed for this PLC upgrade. We minimized downtime through complex coordinations with the customer's team to complete the work within the 1 or 2 days window restriction.

[Read the Full Case Study Here]

Phased GE Series Six to GE Rx3i

CIMTEC's solution allowed the customer to upgrade the entire Series Six system within the timeframe allotted and within budget. Now the customer has a much higher confidence in the operation of the Central System and is now gathering much richer data from the system to help them make decisions about product flow.

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