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Industrial Automation Case Studies

Horner APG Operator Control Station (OCS)
Facility management is always looking for ways to consolidate equipment, streamline processes, and provide their operators with the right information about their production lines.
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GE Intelligent Platforms Legacy Systems
GE Intelligent Systems is the leader in automation control products and has been in the market for decades.
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Emerson Control Techniques Servo Motors
Emerson Control Techniques offers a range of servo motors to accommodate the needs of many different applications.
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Emerson Control Techniques Soft Starters
Emerson Control Techniques Soft Starters have been used for decades to provide precise and controlled starting and stopping AC motors.
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Cognex Dataman ID Readers
Cognex, who is widely known for its vision systems for automation, also has an award- winning line of image-based ID readers in its Dataman product line.
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Vision Metrics Software
Vision Metrics machine vision Software is a product developed by Cimtec to capture and report on inspection image data.
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Transfer Line Control for Automotive Glass Production
In any production system, control of movement handling of materials and assemblies is a key component in maintaining product quality.
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Electronic Line Shaft with Ratio Control
For plants that use mechanical line shafts as part of their production system, accuracy of those systems is critical to assuring consistency in quality and operation.
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SICK 3D Vision Systems
Production facilities rely on vision inspection systems to evaluate the quality of their products both during fabrication and after assembly.
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Improving Safety with Remote Telemetry Units
Cimtec has developed the Sentinel RTU package to address a variety of safety needs and can be easily tailored to any facility type in any industry.
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Emerson Control Techniques - Motion Control
Emerson Control Techniques has created a line of servo systems that provide high-performance for a variety of motion control solutions.
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Cognex VisionView Provides Flexible Display Options
VisionView by Cognex is an operator interface that is suited for monitoring and controlling a variety of industrial systems, from vision systems to industrial ID readers.
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Monitoring within Wastewater Treatment Plants
Cimtec developed a remote telemetry unit (RTU) monitoring system for a large private waste water treatment facility in the United States.
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Pro-face LT3000 Stand Alone Operator Interface
The Pro-face operator interface with control products combines built-in PLC functionality with an operator interface.
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GE Intelligent Platforms - VersaMax PLC
The PLC, or programmable logic controller, is the heart of any intelligent automation system.
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Remote Monitoring of Power Generators
Many facilities, such as hospitals, banks, and data centers rely on continuous electrical power to maintain operations of critical systems.
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Cognex Vision Products Checker Vision Sensors
The incorporation of vision products into product manufacturing lines has allowed companies to drastically increase the quality of their products, packaging, and labeling.
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GE Intelligent Platforms QuickPanel and QuickPanel View Operator Interfaces
Operatorinterfaces can monitor and control system operation, download information from central databases, and provide alarms if set parameters are exceeded.
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Upgrading Pasta Packaging Lines with Emerson Control Techniques Servo Drives
Packaging can be simple or complex, but any packaging process has to be done right to ensure a quality product.
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In-Sight Track and Trace Helps Pharmaceutical Manufactures Meet Traceability Standards
When product success could literally be a matter of life and death, quality and traceability are vitally important.
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Identifying Registration Marks in Laminate Films
By using a registration mark, not only is the final print of higher quality, but less scrap is created by print passes that do not line up.
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Cimtec Product Grading and Inspection System
Cimtec offers a complete PGIS option that allows facilities to consistently grade products based on visual characteristics as they pass through the manufacturing line.
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Work Process Management
Improves Traceability in the Food and Beverage Production
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Using Vision Systems to Prevent Costly Defects
Vision system allows company to free up a manual inspector on the line for a more proactive assignment and run the inspection system without operators except for loading and unloading parts.
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Cognex Vision System
Keeps the Injection Molding Process Running
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Monitoring Extrusion Equipment Using Proficy
Manufacturers of extruded plastic materials rely heavily on the automated systems that keep their extrusion lines moving and maintain a high level of production quality.
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Traceability in Food and Beverage Markets
The food and beverage markets have some requirements that are unique among manufacturing processes.
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Traceability - How Tracking Improves Production Efficiency
Manufacturers use tracking and traceability processes to manage inventory and monitor the location of components throughout the manufacturing process.
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Keeping Conservation on Track
Cimtec Automation Hardware Used to Monitor Dehumidification in a Historic Warship
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Cimtec Legacy Conversion Program
Cimtec offers a program to allow you to replace your older PLCs before they fail with new PLC systems that can mesh with and leverage the strengths of today's manufacturing control systems.
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Maximizing Value, Minimizing Cost - How Lean Manufacturing Improves Production Efficiency
Lean manufacturing is a concept that has been embraced by production facilities around the world to improve production efficiencies and therefore reduce customer costs.
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Robotic Inspection Systems Result in Improved Product Quality
Robotic systems have been an integral part of manufacturing operations for decades. In order to improve the robotic system operations, vision systems have been paired with the robotic equipment, particularly to assist with inspection processes.
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Increasing Production Efficiency through Product Tracking
Manufacturers want to be able to guarantee the quality of their individual parts and to trace the life cycle of those parts from manufacturing through installation and operation. Traceability processes allow manufacturers to ensure this quality.
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Robotics and Vision Systems Combine to Improve Injection Molding Processes
Robotics and automated vision systems have been combined to provide innumerable benefits to manufacturing facilities for a variety of operations.
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Process Analysis & Review (PAR)
As manufacturing facilities grow, their requirements for equipment, processes, procedures, and output can evolve and grow.
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GE Intelligent Platforms Releases New Version of iFIX for the Proficy Platform
Version 5.0 of iFIX provides a variety of customer-driven enhancements to existing functions and introduces some new capabilities to this tool to support HMI/SCADA solutions.
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Using Imaging Technology to Identify and Track Product Parts
By using information data matrices and Cognex industrial identification products, manufacturers can keep track of product inventory and improve quality control during assembly processes.
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SICK Safety Systems Help Manufacturers Improve Workplace Safety and Reduce Injuries
SICK develops a line of safety sensors and control systems to prevent operator injury for a wide range of manufacturing scenarios.
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CIMTEC's Automated Inspection Solution Increases Quality Control
Cognex is a world leader in image acquisition and processing hardware and software, and supplies a line of cameras suited for the rugged environment of a manufacturing production line.
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Safeguarding Your Process - How CIMTEC used the SICK Light Curtain to Prevent Operator Injury
A multi-sensor system that will provide safety, reliability, and redundancy in operation.
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GE Intelligent Platforms: Using Proficy Workflow by GE Intelligent Platforms to Reduce Production Costs, Improve Process Efficiency and Minimize Downtime
Process management systems have been developed to help to manage the complex flow of actions within a production environment.
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Bar Code Inspection Tunnel
Improved shipping accuracy boosts bottom-line profits for leading snack food manufacturer. (200K PDF)

House Plant Automation
Ethernet-driven automated watering system is in full-bloom at an 80-acre greenhouse. (196K PDF)