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Cognex Dataman ID Readers

Cognex, who is widely known for its vision systems for automation, also has an award- winning line of image-based ID readers in its Dataman product line.

These readers can read 1D code symbologies such as UPC, PDF and postal codes, 2D code symbologies such as Data Matrix and QR, or a mix of barcode and 2D codes simultaneously. Dataman ID readers are available in several models to meet the needs of any traceability application.

Dataman Handheld ID Readers

For applications where operators manually scan ID codes, Cognex offers two lines of handheld ID readers: the 700 series and the 7500 series.

  • The 700 series of Dataman handheld ID readers are general purpose readers. All models have a built in laser aimer, ESD safe housing, and adjustable optics
  • The 7500 series of Dataman handheld ID readers are designed specifically for direct part mark (DPM) codes in rugged environments, but can handle nearly any 1D or 2D code. These readers include built in lighting and are available in corded or cordless models.

Dataman Fixed Mount ID Readers

For automated tracking applications, Cognex offers fixed mount ID readers that are software controlled and connected to your automation database. Cognex offers two lines of fixed mount ID readers: the 100 series and the 200 series.

  • The 100 series includes general purpose fixed mount readers with USB and RS-232 communication options, a three-position adjustable lens, and integrated lighting and LED aimer.
  • The 200 series includes all of the capabilities of the 100 series, plus Ethernet connectivity and the innovative Liquid Lens technology, which offers software- driven autofocus with no moving parts and increased depth of field.

Dataman Code Verifiers

Cognex's code verifier products are specifically designed for DPM applications, including quality verification and data validation. All units include contract compliant verification to the AIM DPM Quality Guideline as required for U.S. Department of Defense (Mil Standard 130) and the AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) B-17 Guideline. Cognex's code verifier products include:

  • Dataman 7500V High-Reliability Portable Code Verifiers - This model enables manufacturers to perform verification on the factory floor, rather than at a remote or fixed verification station. This line incorporates 30 degree dark field lighting and is ideal for verifying nameplates and other flat parts, and is available in corded and cordless models
  • Dataman 100V Fixed-mount Verification - This all purpose model includes an integrated design, contract compliant lighting, and integrated bright field and dark field lighting with both 30 degree and 90 degree angle lighting allows evaluation of the widest range of mark types and surfaces.
  • Dataman Verifier Accessories - Optional accessories include the Dataman Calibration Card to establish a reference for part surface reflection values as well as reference for actual printed cell size of 2D codes and the Dataman 7500 Series Standoff to provide optimized working distance for lighting during verification applications

In addition to their ID imaging hardware, Cognex has also developed the IDMax® software program to manage tracking applications and to accurately translate tough DPM codes. IDMax uses innovative algorithms to handle a wide range of product defects, material types, and surfaces.

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