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Pro-face LT3000 Stand Alone Operator Interface

The Pro-face operator interface with control products combines built-in PLC functionality with an operator interface.

It is an all-in-one hardware and software HMI control solution. The LT3000 Stand Alone Operator Interface is a product that lowers overall system costs and reduces panel space by combining control, display, and interface into a single unit, and the compact size of the LT3000 and integrated touch screen allows facility managers to install the interface wherever it is needed. The LT3000 is available in two screen sizes and various color options to meet the interface needs of any facility.

The LT3000 is robust enough to use as a standalone unit, but flexible enough to interface with a variety of components, with drivers available for many systems. The LT3000 can connect to other components via USB (data storage and bar code input), Ethernet (data collection, remote reporting), or serial port (temperature controllers, drives, inverters, multi-drop communications, ASCII communication). Additional I/O modules can be added to expand the capabilities of the base LT3000 unit to control lamps, switches, motors, or relays across a production system. The CANopen Master module is available as an optional component and can be used if remote I/O, Sensor, or Motion connections are required.

The LT3000 can provide pulse output, including stepper pulse out to 65 kHz, speed up to 7,800 RPM, four-axis single direction motion or two axis cw/ccw motion. The high speed counter function supports up to 100 Kpps input, which is ideal for encoder output.

One Software Application for All Development Functions

The LT3000 uses the GP-PRO EX HMI Screen Editor Software for developing control applications. Only one package is required to develop applications for all Pro-face controllers, including the LT3000, and GP-PRO can handle everything from simple operations to the most complex HMI tasks, including diagnostics and simulations. Development is simplified because users don't have to learn to use multiple software packages for different control products.

LT3000 Applications

The LT3000 can control switches and motors, barcode scanners, and a variety of sensors. Some applications that employ the Pro-face LT3000 Stand Alone Operator Interface include:

  • Temperature control for ovens and heat treating applications, create diagnostic tools to reduce oven downtime for maintenance repairs
  • Monitor and maintain tension and speed of conveyors and web tension controllers
  • Create custom OEM Machine Touch Screen Control for standalone machines
  • Alarms/Recipes/Security
  • Buttons/Lamps
  • Data logging
  • Printing
  • Ladder Logic
  • Timers, Counters, PID
  • High speed counters
  • Pulse Output/PWM

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