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Cognex VisionView Provides Flexible Display Options

VisionView by Cognex is an operator interface that is suited for monitoring and controlling a variety of industrial systems, from vision systems to industrial ID readers.

VisionView provides operator controls that are tailored specifically for the application at hand. VisionView is available in three different formats: the VisionView® 700 integrated touch screen panel that can stand alone, and the VisionView PC; and VisionView VGA options, allowing you to integrate VisionView into your existing hardware systems.

VisionView Functionality

All three versions of VisionView have the same powerful functions and features:

  • "Plug-and-Play" functionality. No PC is required to set up any version of VisionView. Just use the simple setup to get started fast
  • Automatic detection. VisionView can automatically detect any Cognex vision system that you have installed on your network
  • Mix and match Cognex In-Sight systems. VisionView allows you to view up to nine In-Sight vision systems in a tiled view on screen
  • Graphical interface. All versions of VisionView display full color images with graphic overlays and operator controls
  • Fast image updates. VisionView provides up to the second inspection images so you can view your process in real-time
  • Access to CustomViews. Any custom operator controls created by the operator in the spreadsheet automatically appear in VisionView
  • EasyView display. Items selected from In-Sight EasyBuilder® interface software will appear on the VisionView screen, with impressive ease of use.

The VisionView 700, the stand-alone version of VisionView, is a low-cost operator interface panel that provides password-protected user control to adjust vision tool parameters and regions of interest without requiring a PC on the factory floor. The VisionView 700 includes:

  • Seven-inch touch screen for clear viewing and interface control during system operation
  • Four Ethernet ports provide power for In-Sight Micro vision systems (power over Ethernet [PoE])
  • One LAN port to temporarily connect a PC for setup or use with an external switch to connect up to five additional cameras (total of nine connected cameras)
  • Three USB ports to facilitate the ability to save failed images for further analysis without interrupting throughput

Cognex Compatibility

VisionView is designed to work seamlessly with all Cognex products, including In-Sight® vision systems and DataMan® industrial ID products. VisionView can automatically detect any Cognex product on your system, saving you valuable set up time.

Vision View Applications

Cimtec has installed VisionView as part of several control systems in a variety of industries. Two examples include:

  1. A discrete rivet part manufacturer uses VisionView in conjunction with two high-resolution cameras on each of their rivet manufacturing machines. One camera inspects the top view of the rivet and the other inspects the side view. Both cameras are networked to a VisionView panel. VisionView tiles the display to show each view and the inspection tools for each camera, simultaneously.
  2. Our latest installation of a Cognex Insight camera that needed visualization utilized the new VisionView VGA module placed in a Cimtec provided panel. This VisionView VGA module provides VGA output to a larger 19” computer monitor, which shows the latest inspection image with the subsequent programmed vision tools and an overall pass/fail.

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