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Authorized Supplier of Emerson Automation/GE PLC Products - High-Tech Distributor Since 1987

Emerson Automation, formerly GE AutomationGE Series 90-70 – Communication


Authorized provider of GE Intelligent Platforms Series 90-70 Communication. See Series 90-70 Communication prices and availability on-line and buy securely; fast delivery, technical product support.

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Part #: Description:

Bus expansion module 90-70 IC687BEM713, Half Slot, 500 Kbytes/sec effective data rate, 20-30 second time to store 16 Kbyte program with a 50 foot...

IC697BEM711 Bus expansion module 90-70 IC697BEM711 a high speed parallel bus expansion interface, accepts up to seven expansion racks, hold last state, has 3 led...
IC697BEM713 Bus expansion module 90-70 IC697BEM713, 500 Kbytes/sec effective data rate, 20-30 second time to store 16 Kbyte program with a 50 foot max cabel length. 90-70...
IC697BEM721 90-70 IC697BEM721 is an I/O link interface module. The  90-70 IC697BEM721 occupies single slot in PLC rack.  90-70 IC697BEM721 has three status
IC697BEM731 Bus expansion module 90-70 IC697BEM731 has thirty drops per second IC66* (IC660 or IC661) I/O Diagnostics. 90-70 IC697BEM731  90-70 IC697BEM731 has...
Bus expansion Module 90-70 IC697BEM733 remote I/O scanner, 128 bytes of inputs and 128 bytes of outputs per remote drop, 1024 discrete inputs and 1024...
IC697BEM741 90-70 IC697BEM741 FIP Bus allows the IC697 PLC to attach to a 1 Mbit FIP or WorldFIP Fieldbus network. The 90-70 IC697BEM741 FIP Bus can scan FIP I/O from...
IC697BEM761  90-70 IC697BEM761 8 max racks or 16 with complementary addressing 256 I/O points per rack 4000 points per system with complementary addressing, 1.3 amps...
IC697BEM763 GE Series 90-70 DLAN/DLAN+ Drive Interface module. The IC697BEM763 provides a high-performance interface between the GE...
Communications Coprocessor Module 90-70 IC697CMM711 single slot 12 Mhz, 80C186 Microprocessor has Two RS-422/RS-485 or RS-232 Serial Ports. The CMM 90-70...
IC697CMM721 A  90-70 IC697CMM721 is a Carrierband Lan Interface (MAP 3.0). The  90-70 IC697CMM721 has direct PLC attachment to MAP Carrierband network....
The Ethernet Controller 90-70 IC697CMM741 a direct PLC attachment, has standard 15pin AUI port, occupys a single slot oin a PLC rack. 90-70 IC697CMM741...
IC697CMM742 Ethernet Interface 90-70 IC697CMM742 10BaseT and 10Base2 network ports, Standard 15-pin AUI network port pre-loaded firmware.  90-70 IC697CMM742 provide...
IC697RCM711 Redundancy Communications Module  90-70 IC697RCM711 provides a path for a sychronizing message from the active to the back up unit, used to sychronize...

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