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GE Automation and Controls – PAC Systems RX3i

PAC Systems RX3i

The new GE IP PAC systems RX3i controller is the latest addition to the innovative PAC systems family of programmable automation controllers (PACs). Like the rest of the family, the PAC systems RX3i features a single control engine and universal programming environment to provide application portability across multiple hardware platforms and deliver a true convergence of control choices. Using the same control engine as the PAC systems RX7i, the new PAC systems RX3i offers a high level of automation functionality in a compact, cost-effective package. The PAC systems portable control engine provides high performance on several different platforms, allowing OEMs and end users with application variability to choose the exact control system hardware that best suits their needs.

GE IP PAC systems RX3i Features:

  • High-speed processor and patented technology for faster throughput without information bottlenecks
  • A universal backplane with a high-speed PCI bus running at 27 MHz for fast data throughput for complex I/O and a serial bus for simple I/O that optimizes performance and your investment. The universal backplane also supports HOT SWAP to minimize downtime.
  • Celeron (Pentium III) 300 mHz CPU for advanced programming and performance with 10Mbytes memory
  • Memory for ladder logic documentation and machine documentation in the controller to reduce downtime and improve troubleshooting
  • Open communications support including Ethernet, GENIUS, Profibus, DeviceNet, and serial

Learn more about the revolutionary PAC RX3i from GE IP by clicking on a PAC bulletin listed below. Or click on a specific part number to learn more about a particular PAC RX3i module.

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Part #: Description: New Reman Repair
IC694ACC300 Input simulator Module, 16 $329.00  $230.96 
IC694ACC310 RX3i Blank filler $45.00  $31.59 
IC694ACC311 Terminal blocks, 20 terminal (qty 6) for IC694xx I/O Modules $364.00  $255.53 
IC694ALG220 Analog Input, Voltage, 4 $451.00  $180.40 
IC694ALG221 Analog Input, Current, 4 $469.00  $187.60 
IC694ALG222 Analog input, Voltage, 16 pt single ended/8 channel $1,001.00  $400.40 
IC694ALG223 Analog Input, Current, 16 pt single $1,028.00  $411.20 
IC694ALG390 Analog Output, Voltage, 2 $533.00  $213.20 
IC694ALG391 Analog Output, Current, 2 $533.00  $213.20 
IC694ALG392 Analog Output, Voltage/Current, 8 $1,208.00  $483.20 
IC694ALG442 Analog Combo Module, Current/Voltage, 4 in/2 $874.00  $349.60 
IC694APU300 High speed counter Module 200KHZ A B and C $753.00  $301.20 
IC694APU305 I/O Processor high speed counter for Gray Code Encoder or A QUAD B Encoder. 30 kHz Abolute Encoder or 200 kHz A QUAD B $1,266.00  $506.40 
IC694BEM320 I/O Link Interface Module (Slave). Module uses RX3i high speed serial $899.00  $413.60 
IC694BEM321 I/O Link Interface Module (Master). Module is on the high speed serial $1,178.00  $471.20 
IC694BEM331 RX3i Genius Bus Controller (supports I/O and Datagrams). Module connectsto the serial bus. Requires CPU firmware 2.9 or higher and requires Proficy Machine... $2,579.00  $1,031.60 
IC694CHS392 Base Expansion 10 $355.00  $142.00 
IC694CHS398 Base Expansion 5 $196.00  $78.40 
IC694DNM200 DeviceNet Master Module for RX3i. Module can only be located in the CPUbase. The Module is on the high speed serial $1,714.00  $685.60 
IC694DSM314 Motion Controller Module, 1-2 axis Digital Servo or 1-4 Axis Analog $2,262.00  $904.80 
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