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GE Automation and Controls – PAC Systems RX7i

PAC Systems RX7i

Built on a standard embedded open architecture, the GE IP PACSystems RX7i is the first member of the groundbreaking PACSystems family of programmable controllers (PACs). The RX7i features a single control engine and universal programming environment to provide application portability across multiple hardware platforms. Designed to address mid- to high-end applications for OEMs, integrators, and end users, the RX7i is ideally suited for integrated solutions that require open architecture, large memory, distributed I/O and high performance.


  • Pentium III 300MHz and 700MHz CPUs
  • 10 Megabytes of fully configurable user memory
  • Two serial ports, one RS-232 and one RS-485 port, two 10/100Mbit Ethernet Ports with built-in switch (one IP address)

RX7i VME64

  • 17 VME Slots Front and Back Mount
  • Up to 4 times the speed of Series 90-70 backplane
  • Supports existing Series 90-70 modules, VMIC modules, and 3rd Party VME boards
  • Supports existing expansion racks and Genius networks

Get more information on the GE IP PAC RX7i by clicking on a Product article listed below. Or click on a specific part number to learn more about a particular PAC RX7i module.

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Part #: Description: New Reman Repair
IC698ACC701 RX7i CPU Lithium Battery and Spare $101.00  $40.40 
IC698ACC720 Shielded double slot faceplate, package of $773.00  $206.00 
IC698ACC735 Shielded single slot faceplate, package of $773.00  $206.00 
IC698CHS009 RX7i 9 Slot Rear Mount $1,343.00  $358.00 
IC698CHS017 RX7i 17 Slot Rack Wall (Rear) $1,386.00  $339.11  $369.60 
IC698CHS109 RX7i 9 Slot Rack Front $895.00  $358.00 
IC698CHS117 RX7i 17Slot Rack Front $1,386.00  $369.60 
IC698CHS217 RX7i 17 Slot Rack Rear I/O $1,761.00  $469.60 
IC698CMX016 PACSGEF.YStems RX7i Control Memory Xchange 16MB $5,055.00  $1,348.00 
IC698CPE010 GE PAC Systems IC698CPE010 RX7i 300 MHz CPU with Ethernet $10,757.00  $5,593.64  $7,551.41 
IC698CPE020 GE PAC Systems IC698CPE020 RX7i 700 MHz CPU with Ethernet $11,233.00  $5,841.16  $4,493.20 
IC698CPE030 GE PAC Systems IC698CPE030 RX7i Pentium M CPU - 600 MHz with 64 meg of user memory. No fan required. IC698CPE030 CPU includes built-in Ethernet with switch... $9,840.00  $6,907.68 
IC698CPE040 GE PAC Systems IC698CPE040 RX7i Pentium M CPU - 1.8 Ghz with 64 meg of user memory. Fan required. IC698CPE040 CPU includes built-in Ethernet with switch and 2... $13,158.00  $9,236.92 
IC698CRE020 GE PAC Systems IC698CRE020 RX7i High Availability 700 MHz CPU.  The IC698CRE020 supports $10,722.00  $5,575.44  $4,288.80 
IC698CRE030 GE PAC Systems IC698CRE030 Rx7i 600 MHz CPU, with built-in Ethernet port.  The IC698CRE030 supports $9,690.00  $6,802.38 
IC698CRE040 GE PAC Systems IC698CRE040 Rx7i 1.8GHz CPU, with Ethernet port. The IC698CRE040 supports $13,158.00  $9,236.92 
IC698ETM001 RX7i Standalone Ethernet Module $3,842.00  $735.01 
IC698PSA100 RX7i Power Supply 100Watt $1,586.00  $387.92  $303.36 
IC698PSA350 RX7i Power Supply 350Watt $1,979.00  $1,979.00  $378.55 
IC698PSD300 RX7i Power Supply 300Watt $1,979.00  $527.60 
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