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Authorized Supplier of Emerson Automation/GE PLC Products - High-Tech Distributor Since 1987

Emerson Automation, formerly GE AutomationEmerson Rx3i PAC Systems – Communication

Authorized provider of GE Intelligent Platforms PAC Systems RX3i Communication. See PAC Systems RX3i Communication prices and availability on-line and buy securely; fast delivery, technical product support.

Part #: Description:
IC694BEM320 I/O Link Interface Module (Slave). Module uses RX3i high speed serial
IC694BEM321 I/O Link Interface Module (Master). Module is on the high speed serial
IC694BEM331 RX3i Genius Bus Controller (supports I/O and Datagrams). Module connectsto the serial bus. Requires CPU firmware 2.9 or higher and requires Proficy Machine...
IC694DNM200 DeviceNet Master Module for RX3i. Module can only be located in the CPUbase. The Module is on the high speed serial
IC695CMM002 RX3i serial communications Module. Two isolated RS-232/485 port. Supports Serial Read/Write and Modbus Master/Slave. Requires Unversal
IC695CMM004 RX3i serial communications Module. Four isolated RS-232/485 port. Supports Serial Read/Write and Modbus Master/Slave. Requires Unversal
IC695CMU310 RX3i Redundant High Availability CPU with two built-in serial ports. TheCPU has 10Meg of user memory. The CPU supports the Max-ON redundancy
IC695ETM001 Ethernet Module 10/100 Mbits 2 RJ45 connections one IP address occupies one slot on sGEF.YStem
IC695LRE001 RX3i Local Expansion Module Occupies no sGEF.YStem slots on
IC695NIU001 RX3i NIU with two serial ports and 20K of local logic. Module requires Universal base (IC695CHSxxx) and requires Ethernet Module (IC695ETM001).NIU supports...
IC695NKT001 RX3i Ethernet NIU Kit includes NIU (IC695NIU001) and Ethernet Module (IC695ETM001). ENIU supports two serial ports and 20k of local logic. TheENIU must be...
IC695NKT002 RX3i Ethernet NIU Kit with two Ethernet
IC695PBM300 RX3i PROFIBUS Master Module (must be installed on RX3i PCI bus). The mo dule supports PROFIBUS V1 Master
IC695PBS301 RX3i Profibus Slave Module supports V1

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