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Authorized Supplier of Cognex Vision Products - High-Tech Distributor Since 1987

Cognex VisionChecker Vision Sensors – Checker 3G Series

Checker 3G Series

The new third generation Checker® 3G series Vision Sensors from Cognex provides the easiest and most affordable way to verify the products you manufacture.

Like all Checker vision sensors, the 3G series vision sensor integrates lighting, optics, camera, processor and I/O in an industrial IP67 housing—all in a package small enough to fit into the tightest of spaces.

Checker vision sensors offer extremely reliable part detection and inspection unattainable with photoelectric sensors, because they:

  • Use Cognex patented technology to detect your part by understanding what your part looks like which eliminates the need for an additional sensor to determine if the part is present.
  • Inspect multiple part features simultaneously with a single Checker vision sensor yielding simple pass/fail results.
  • Overcome varying part positions which eliminates the need for costly fixturing by finding and inspecting your part.
  • Empower the factory floor to solve problems through our simple four-step process and our One-Click Setup™ for inspections. Even a first-time user can have it up and running in minutes–without training.

And with Checker 3G, you choose whether the sensor is configured as a Presence or Measurement sensor.

  • Presence sensors verify that features are present.
  • Measurement sensors verify that features are the correct height, width and/or diameter.
  • In either mode it can perform multiple “checks” on each product you manufacture.

No PC required to set up the Checker 3G! Designed for factory floor personnel, all you need to set up a Checker 3G is the SensorView® teach pendant.

  • A single SensorView teach pendant can be used to set up any number of Checker 3G vision sensors.
  • The SensorView teach pendant may also be panel-mounted for real-time application monitoring.

Checker is capable of detecting and inspecting your part. Your application will determine which model(s) to use. Complete a free Application Evaluation form so that we may help you determine your needs for vision sensors.

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