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Authorized Supplier of GE Intelligent Platforms PLC Products - High-Tech Distributor Since 1987

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GE Automation and Controls – Series Six

Series Six

The GE Series Six 6 PLC was introduced in the early 1980’s and was the first modular PLC. It is estimated that over 500,000 of these units have been installed worldwide. It came in a Model 60, Model 600 and Model 6000 configuration. Three CPU versions allowed for more memory and larger I/O capacity. The instruction set was identical as well as the I/O type. The GE IP DPU - Data Processing Unit and the GE Fanuc RPU -Redundant Processing Unit were used to off load additional functions. A PDT programming terminal was used as the programming device and included many of the same boards as the DPU.

CIMTEC Automation has a complete inventory of thousands of remanufactured Series Six modules, including LX and LR memory modules, CCM communications modules, power supplies, and I/O modules. Since GE IP no longer produces or supports the Series Six PLC, CIMTEC is the best solution for extending the life of your Series Six PLC.

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Part #: Description: New Reman Repair
IC600BF800 Local I/O Receiver $213.00  $205.90 
IC600BF801 Remote I/O Receiver $600.00  $580.00 
IC600BF802 24-48Vac/dc Input Module (8 $340.50  $0.00 
IC600BF804 115Vac/dc Input Module (8 $183.00  $176.90 
IC600BF805 230Vac/dc Input Module (8 $337.50  $78.75 
IC600BF806 12Vac/dc Input Module (8 $462.75  $107.98 
IC600BF808 Interrupt Input Module (8 $1,308.75  $305.38 
IC600BF810 115V Isolated Input Module (6 $340.50  $79.45 
IC600BF813 Type J Thermocouple Input Module (8 $1,542.00  $0.00 
IC600BF814 Type K Thermocouple Input Module (8 $1,542.00  $1,490.60 
IC600BF815 Type S Thermocouple Input Module (8 $596.24  $359.80 
IC600BF816 Type T Thermocouple Input Module (8 $0.00  $359.80 
IC600BF817 Type B Thermocouple Input Module (8 $596.24  $359.80 
IC600BF818 Type E Thermocouple Input Module (8 $1,878.00  $1,815.40 
IC600BF819 Type R Thermocouple Input Module (8 $1,542.00  $359.80 
IC600BF827 High Speed Counter $1,500.00  $1,450.00 
IC600BF830 Advanced I/O Receiver $893.25  $0.00 
IC600BF831 10-50Vdc Input Module with Lights (32 $637.50  $616.25 
IC600BF832 115Vac Input Module (32 $1,086.75  $1,050.53 
IC600BF841 0-10Vdc Analog Input Module (8 $1,492.50  $1,442.75 
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