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Authorized Supplier of Emerson Automation/GE PLC Products - High-Tech Distributor Since 1987

Emerson Automation, formerly GE Automation – GE Series One

GE Series One

The GE IP Series One was the first small, modular “shoe box” PLC on the market. It was the first small PLC with analog I/O, math functions and multi-rack configurations.

Get spare parts for your Series 1 PLC from CIMTEC Automation – racks, CPUs, modules, and even software.

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Part #: Description: New Reman Repair
IC610ABM100 ASCII/Basic $0.00 
IC610CCM105 Series One Plus Data Communications Unit $0.00 
IC610CCM109 I/O Expander Interface Mdl, Series One Jr. to Series One $0.00 
IC610CCM110 I/O Link Local $0.00 
IC610CCM111 I/O Link Remote $0.00 
IC610CHS100 Rack, Non-Expandable, 115/230Vac Power Supply HiCap (5 $0.00 
IC610CHS101 Rack, Non-Expandable, 115/230Vac Power Supply (5 $0.00 
IC610CHS110 Rack, 115/230Vac Power Supply (5 $0.00 
IC610CHS111 U.L. Listed Rack, 115Vac Power Supply (5 $0.00 
IC610CHS114 Rack, 24Vdc Power Supply (5 $0.00 
IC610CHS130 Rack, 115/230Vac Power Supply (10 $0.00 
IC610CHS134 Rack, 24Vdc Power Supply (10 $0.00 
IC610CPU101 Series One CPU, 700 Words, Expandable to 1.7K $0.00 
IC610CPU104 Series One CPU, 700 Words, Expandable to 1.7K $0.00 
IC610CPU105 Series One Plus CPU, 700 Words, Expandable to 1.7K $0.00 
IC610CPU106 Series One Plus CPU, 3.7K $0.00 
IC610MDL101 24Vdc Sink Input (8 $0.00 
IC610MDL103 24Vdc Sink Input/Output (4 In/4 $0.00 
IC610MDL104 24Vdc Sink In, Relay Out (4 In/4 $0.00 
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