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Automation Products

Authorized Supplier of Emerson Automation/GE PLC Products - High-Tech Distributor Since 1987

Emerson Automation, formerly GE AutomationGE Legacy QuickPanels – Quick Panel View

Quick Panel View

GE’s Quick Panel View meets the demands on today’s operator interface solution by combining rugged, versatile operator displays with GE’s Proficy Machine Edition View Platform. The benefits to you are numerous:

Information Delivery

Acting as the bridge between the enterprise system and the plant floor, GE’s QuickPanel View provides information, not just data, that the operators need to run the machines, and that management needs to run their business. The QuickPanel View is a critical link to a well-integrated manufacturing operation.

Built on Microsoft Windows CE operating system with a Built-in web server, information and data can be accessed from anywhere using any standard browser.


As your information requirements grow, so will your hardware needs. QuickPanel View products are exceedingly scalable to grow with your needs, with sizes ranging from 6” to 15” and with a choice of Monochrome, Color- STN and Color-TFT. Expandable memory and easy configuration allows you to run the same program on different size models.

Seamless Connectivity

As your need to monitor and collect data grows, you may need to connect to a wide variety of devices. Unless your operator interface has seamless connectivity, you may face delays and headaches. That is of automation devices, making it easy to connect to anything. Drivers include

  • Serial
  • Ethernet
  • Fieldbus
  • Vendor specific networks

And More...

  • Cost-effective replacement for push buttons, pilot lights, meters, gauges, PID Loop displays, and much more
  • Data collection, trending, system security and other functions
  • Multi-language support
  • Migration of Total Control Products (TCP) applications developed with QuickDesigner
  • Adherence to global standards UL, ATEX, CE

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Part #: Description: New Reman Repair
IC754ABD001 QP View Card for Data Highway $1,071.00 
IC754ACC0512MEM Compact Flash for QP-View & Ctrl - $75.00 
IC754ACC06BEZ01 SS-Bezel for 6 Inch Mono & TFT QP-V & $400.00 
IC754OBF12CTD OEM Version Loaded 12inColor TFT $5,849.00 
IC754VBB06MTD View Basic 6 inch Mono Touch DC $1,100.00  $0.00 
IC754VBF08CTD View Loaded 8In Color TFT Touch DC $3,831.00  $1,563.20 
IC754VBF12CTD View 64/64MB 12in Color TFT Touch $6,950.00  $2,780.00 
IC754VBF15CTD 15 inch TFT QuickPanel View/ Fully Loaded/ 24VDC / Blank $7,651.00  $3,477.50 
IC754VBI06MTD View Intermediate 6 inch Mono Touch DC $2,100.00  $840.00 
IC754VBI06STD View Intermediate 6 inch STN Touch DC $2,150.00  $860.00 
IC754VBI08CTD View Interm 8In Color TFT Touch DC $2,875.00  $1,150.00 
IC754VBI12CTD View Interm 12 inch Color TFT Touch DC $5,159.00  $2,063.60 
IC754VBI12MTD View Intermediate 12 Inch Mono Touch DC $6,000.00  $2,400.00 
IC754VBL06CTD 6 inch TFT QuickPanel View/ Loaded/ 24VDC/ Blank $3,400.00  $1,360.00 
IC754VBL06CTDCA View 6in TFT Touch Blank Conformal $2,839.00 
IC754VBL06MTD View Loaded 6 In Mono Touch DC $1,870.00  $1,700.00 
IC754VGB06CTD VIEW BASIC 6IN TFTTOUCH DC FLAT $2,500.00  $1,000.00 
IC754VGF08CTD View Loaded 8In Color TFT Touch DC $5,250.00  $2,100.00 
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