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Authorized Supplier of Emerson Automation/GE PLC Products - High-Tech Distributor Since 1987

Emerson Automation, formerly GE AutomationGE Legacy QuickPanels – Quick Panel Control

Quick Panel Control

Now your Operator Interface can control your application and connect directly to your PLC I/O structure.

Available in a variety of display sizes, QuickPanel Control from GE Intelligent Platforms combines control and visualization into one platform for maximum productivity and cost efficiency. By integrating the GE QuickPanel family of touch screens with Proficy Machine Edition software, QuickPanel Control delivers flexible, scalable performance on a rugged hardware platform. Furthermore, the intuitive environment of Proficy Logic Developer – PC software helps reduce application development time and makes connectivity easy with a family of Ethernet and Fieldbus interfaces.

The QuickPanel Control family is a robust integrated solution that offers many advantages to help you gain a sustainable competitive edge:

  • Display sizes of 8”, 12” and 15”
  • Choice of monochrome, or color-TFT display
  • Microsoft Windows® CE operating system
  • Expandable memory and communication expansion cards
  • CompactFlash
  • UL Class 1 Div 2 (A, B, C, D), ATEX Class 1 Zone 2, and CE Mark
  • Functions from data collection and trending to system security and alarming
  • Built-in web server for access to data and graphics via the Internet or your intranet using any standard browser
  • Communication to I/O using Open Fieldbus, Ethernet connectivity, GE Series 90-30, VersaMax, VersaMax Micro Expansion and Genius* I/O Interface cards
  • Support for 5 IEC programming languages:
    • Relay Ladder
    • Sequential Function Chart
    • Structured Text
    • Instruction List
    • Function Block Diagram
  • Multi-language support selectable by the operator when the system is online
  • Common database for increased productivity—greatly reduces development time by eliminating the need to re-enter tag names
  • Extensive library of pre-configured animation objects

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Part #: Description: New Reman Repair
IC754CBF08CTD Control Fully Loaded 8 Inch TFT $0.00  $0.00 
IC754CBF12CTD Control 64MB/64MB 12in Color TFT $0.00  $0.00 
IC754CBF15CTD 15 inch TFT QuickPanel Ctrl/ Fully Loaded/ 24VDC / Blank $0.00  $0.00 
IC754CBL06CTD 6 inch TFT QuickPanel Control/ Loaded/ Blank Label/ $0.00  $0.00 
IC754CBL06MTD Ctrl Loaded 6 In Mono Touch DC $0.00  $0.00 
IC754CGF08CTD Control Fully Loaded 8 Inch TFT $0.00  $0.00 
IC754CKF08CTD Starter Kit 8in TFT Ctrl Fully $0.00  $0.00 
IC754CKF12CTD Starter Kit 12in TFT Ctrl Fully $0.00  $0.00 
IC754CKF15CTD Starter Kit/ 15 inch TFT Ctrl Fully Loaded/ $0.00  $0.00 
IC754CKL06CTD Starter Kit/ 6 inch TFT Ctrl Loaded/ $0.00  $0.00 
IC754CKL06MTD Starter Kit 6 In Mono Ctrl Loaded 24 $0.00  $0.00 
IC754CSF06CTD Control 64MB/64MB 6in Color TFT Touch $0.00  $0.00 
IC754CSF12CTD Control 64MB/64MB 12in Color TFT Touch $0.00  $0.00 
IC754CSF15CTD 15 inch TFT QuickPanel Control/ Fully Loaded/ $0.00  $0.00 
IC754CSL06CTD 6 inch TFT QuickPanel Control/ Loaded/ $0.00  $0.00 
IC754CSL06MTD Ctrl Loaded 6 In Mono Touch $0.00  $0.00 
IC754CSX06CTD Control 64MB/96MB 6in Color TFT Touch $0.00  $0.00 
IC754DVNM01 DeviceNet Master for QP $0.00 
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