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Authorized Supplier of Emerson Automation/GE PLC Products - High-Tech Distributor Since 1987

Emerson Automation, formerly GE Automation – GE Series 90-30

GE Series 90-30

The GE IP Series 90-30 family of controllers, I/O systems, and specialty modules are designed to meet the demands of flexible industrial control. There are over 14 CPU modules from which to choose and over 100 different I/O module types that offer a wide range of intelligent modules, high-level communications options, and a number of bus interfaces.

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Part #: Description:
IC693ACC300 Input Simulator
IC693ACC301 The GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693ACC301 is a long-life Lithium battery that is used to maintain the contents of the CMOS RAM memory in the CPU is accessed by removing...
IC693ACC302 The GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693ACC302 is an auxillary battery module that provides extended memory backup tim compared to that of the stansdard memory backup...
IC693ACC329 TBQC Base for IC693MDL645, IC693MDL646, and
IC693ALG220 The 4-Channel Analog Voltage Input module for the Series GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693ALG220 Programmable Logic Controller provides four input channels. The Analog...
GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693ALG221 is a 4-Channel Analog Current Input module which provides four input channels, each capable of  converting an analog...
IC693ALG222 The GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693ALG222 is a 16-Channel Analog Voltage Input module provides 16 single-ended or 8 differential input channels.  Each channel on...
A 16-Channel Analog Voltage Input module, the GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693ALG223 provides up to 16 single-ended with each capable of converting an analog input...
IC693ALG390 The 2-Channel Analog Voltage Output module GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693ALG390 provides two output channels, each capable of converting 13 bits of binary (digital)...
IC693ALG391 The GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693ALG391 is a 2-Channel Analog Current Output module provides two output channels, each capable of converting 12 bits of binary...
The 8-Channel Analog Current/Voltage Output GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693ALG392 provides up to eight single-ended output channels with current loop outputs or...
IC693ALG442 As an Analog Current/Voltage Combination Input/Output the GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693ALG442 provides up to 4 differential input current or voltage channels and 2...
IC693APU300 High Speed Counter GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693APU300 is a single-slot module which can be used in applications where pulse input rates exceed the input capability of...
IC693APU301 The Motion Mate APM GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693APU301 is an easy-to-use intelligent, fully programmable 1-axis motion control module. The GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693APU301...
IC693APU302 The Motion Mate APM GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693APU302 is an easy-to-use intelligent, fully programmable 2-axis motion control module. The GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693APU302...
IC693APU305 An I/O Processo, the GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693APU305, provides direct processing of rapid pulse signals for industrial control applications. GE Fanuc 90-30...
The GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693BEM320 provides an interface between a Series 90-30 PLC and a proprietary Fanuc I/O LINK in a Fanuc CNC (Computer Numerical...
IC693BEM321 A GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693BEM321 is configured as a master module on a proprietary Fanuc I/O LINK. GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693BEM321 can receive 1024 discrete inputs...
IC693BEM331 The GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693BEM331 provides the interface between a Series 90-30 PLC and a Genius I/O serial bus. GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693BEM331 receives and...
I/O bus expansion cables GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693CBL300 GE called “Wye cables,” are used to extend the I/O bus to expansion or remote baseplates in a Series...
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