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Authorized Supplier of GE Intelligent Platforms PLC Products - High-Tech Distributor Since 1987

GE Automation and Controls – Series 90-70

Series 90-70

CIMTEC Automation has acquired the complete 90-70 product line from GE IP!  We have purchased the last remaining inventory from GE on all 90-70 New PLC parts and have plenty of parts in stock today to keep your 90-70 systems running.

In addition to new 90-70 parts, we complement our 90-70 offering with remanufactured parts and a factory-qualified in-house repair center with quick turnaround on all 90-70 parts.

CIMTEC has been supporting the GE 90-70 product line ever since it was introduced in 1987.  We have a full team of PLC Engineers who can answer any 90-70 technical or application question.  We have a complete library of 90-70 support documentation and offer all of the tools needed to program and troubleshoot any 90-70 system.

The GE IP Series 90-70 family of controllers is designed to meet the most complex applications, such as advanced batch processing, triple modular redundancy, high-speed processing, and those requiring large numbers of I/O and large amounts of process memory.

With GE IP's CPX family of CPUs, the Series 90-70 offers more for your automation dollar – more computing power, more memory for your applications, and more communications and redundancy

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Part #: Description:
90-70 IC697CPX782 is a 96 MHz, 32-Bit, Floating Point, 1 Mbyte Memory Central Processing Unit.  90-70 IC697CPX782 is a single slot CPU, that...
90-70 IC697CPX928 is a 96 MHz, 32-Bit, Floating Point, 6 Mbyte (Medium) Memory Central Processing Unit. The single slot CPU with three serial ports,...
IC697CPX935 Single slot CPU 90-70 IC697CPX935 96 MHz, 32-Bit, Floating Point, 1 Mbyte Fast Memory.  90-70 IC697CPX935 12K inputs and outputs (any mix), and up to 8K...
IC697HSC700 High Speed Counter 90-70 IC697HSC700 directly processes rapid pulse signals up to 200 KHz.  90-70 IC697HSC700 12 single-ended or differential...
IC697LBR701 90-70 IC697LBR701 is a Documentation Library. 90-70 IC697LBR701 consists of paper manuals covering most options. Documentation for the  90-70 IC697LBR701...
IC697MCS704 90-70 IC697MCS704 is a Motion Controller For the Series 90-70. 90-70 IC697MCS704 is used in the 90-70 series. 90-70 IC697MCS704 wheight is listed at 4.0
IC697MDL240 The 90-70 IC697MDL240 provides 16 input points which are isolated. 90-70 IC697MDL240 input is reactive (resistor/capacitor input) with current-voltage...
IC697MDL241 Discrete Input Module 90-70 IC697MDL241 120 Volt AC, Isolated, 16-Point Input Module Proximity switch compatible. Discrete Input Module 90-70 IC697MDL241...
Discrete Input Module 90-70 IC697MDL250 120 Volt AC, 32-Point 20 ms input filter proximity switch comp. Discrete Input Module 90-70 IC697MDL250 provides...
Discrete Input Modules 90-70 IC697MDL251 16 points - four isolated groups of 4 points each 20 ms input filter. Discrete Input Modules 90-70 IC697MDL251...
Discrete Input Module 90-70 IC697MDL252 32 points - four isolated groups of 8 points each, 20 ms input filter, proximity switch compatible. Discrete...
IC697MDL253 Discrete iput module 90-70 IC697MDL253 24 Volt AC, 32-Point Input Module, 20 ms input filter.  90-70 IC697MDL253 provides input characteristics are...
Discrete Input Module 90-70 IC697MDL254 48 Volt AC, 32-Point Input Module Four isolated groups of 8 points each, 20 ms input filter, Proximity switch...
IC697MDL340 Discrete output module 90-70 IC697MDL340 120 Volt AC 2 Amp, 16-Point Output Module, 16 Points - Four isolated groups of 4 points each, 2 amp capacity per...
IC697MDL341 Discrete Output Module 90-70 IC697MDL341 120/240 Volt AC, 2 Amp Isolated 12-Point Output Module, 12 individually isolated points, 2 amp capacity per point,...
IC697MDL350 Discrete Output Module 90-70 IC697MDL350 120 Volt AC 0.5 Amp, 32-Point Output Module 32 Points - Four isolated groups of 8 points each 0.5 amp capacity per...
IC697MDL640 Discrete Input Module 90-70 IC697MDL640 125 Volt DC Positive/Negative Logic, 16-Point Input Module, - four isolated groups of four points each...
IC697MDL651 Discrete Input Modules 90-70 IC697MDL651 TTL, Negative Logic, 32-Point Input Module 32 TTL compatible Input points, No user power required, Each Input has...
IC697MDL652 Discrete Input Module 90-70 IC697MDL652 12 Volt DC Positive/Negative Logic, 32-Point Input Module, 32 Points - Four isolated groups of 8 points each,...
IC697MDL653 Discrete Input Module 90-70 IC697MDL653 24 Volt DC Positive/Negative Logic, 32-Point Input Module, 32 Points - Four isolated groups of 8 points each,...
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