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Pro-FaceHMI Plus Control – LT3000 Series

LT3000 Series

Enterprise Wide HMI Solutions

The Pro-face LT3000 operator interface family combines PLC functionality integrated with an HMI to create a cost effective, high value machine interface solution.

Reduce Machine costs while Increasing performance

  • Reduce component count
  • Eliminate PLC/custom controls
  • Cut remote maintenance costs
  • Eliminate multiple software packages and support

Flexible, Expandable I/O solutions:

  • Use up to 2 or 3 I/O modules, depending on the hardware model, connected directly to the back of the LT3000 as local I/O
  • The optional CANopen Master module can be used if remote I/O, Sensor, or Motion connections are required.
  • Application Examples Include:
    • Oven/heat treating Control - Monitor and control oven temperatures plus create diagnostic tools to reduce oven downtime for maintenance repairs.
    • Conveyor and web tension controller - Maintain and monitor web tension and conveyor speed on HMI.
    • OEM Machine Touch Screen Control - Create intuitive user controls for independent standalone machines.

Pro-face LT3000 Series - A space-saving control solution!

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