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Authorized Supplier of SICK Sensors - High-Tech Distributor Since 1987

SICK SensorsFluid Sensors – Level Sensors

Level Sensors

SICK sensors provides a wide variety of quality solutions for reliable liquid level and fluid level sensing measurement in stocking, tank content, storage capacities or for automated disposal applications. Whether you have a small or large measuring requirement, Sick’s family of Fluid Level sensors includes Laser sensors, ultrasound sensors, capacitive measurement sensors and electromechanical technology-based sensors to meet any fluid level sensing application.

CIMTEC Automation is an authorized SICK sensor distributor and can recommend the ideal fluid level sensor for any industrial application. Our in-house technical support team can help integrate the right sensors into any automation control scheme to optimize the superior quality and precision of SICK’s sensor products.

Downloads: SICK Level Sensing White Paper | Fluid Sensor Portfolio

  • Hydrostatic
    • Level probe LHF
  • Vibration
    • LFV200
    • LFV300
    • LBV300
  • Ultrasonic
    • UM30-2
    • UP30
  • Capacitance
    • CQ28
    • CM30
    • CM18 PTFE
  • Guided Radar
    • LFT
    • LFP

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Part #: Model Name: Description:
1005621 LLUV5-500 Liquid light guide, for LUT 1-4/1-5, 500 mm long, with lens adaer
1005622 LLUV5-1000 Liquid light guide, for LUT 1-4/1-5, 1000 mm long, with lens adter
1043594 LFT0300-01A1A10 LFT0300-01A1A10
1043613 LFT0300-01B0A40 LFT0300-01B0A40
1043615 LFT0500-01B0A40 LEVELSENSOR LFT0500-01B0A
1043621 LFT1100-01B0A40 LEVELSENSR LFT1100-01B0A40
5304155 LLK2-O4MM02 M4 probe tip, 1.5 x 90 mm, high flex (7.5 mm)
5304159 LLK1-M6EN02 Fiber Optic, bifurcated, M6 threaded, 70mm (2.75 in) range, 2m iled cable
5304161 LLK1-M4BM02 Fiber Optic, bifurcated, M4 threaded, 20 mm (0.8 in) range, 2 mong, Fine fiber
5304167 LLK1-Y9NM02 Fiber Optic, bifurcated, Multi Fiber Line, 50 mm (2 in) range, long
5305402 LLRS-W260 Light guide retaining screw for WLL 260 (2 included with sensor
5308048 LL3-TB02 Direct replacement for LLK 2-M4DM02, M4 tip
5308049 LL3-TS07 3 mm dia tip, long sensing range
5308050 LL3-TB01 Direct replacement LLK 2-M4GA02, M4 tip, long sensing range
5308051 LL3-TB01-10 Direct replacement LLK 2-M4GA10, above fiber, 10 m long
5308052 LL3-TR01 Direct replacement LLK 2-M4MA02, M4 tip, high flex (4 mm)
5308053 LL3-TR02 M3 tip, high flex (4 mm)
5308054 LL3-TR03 1.5 mm dia tip, high flex (4 mm), 1 m long
5308055 LL3-TR03-02 Direct replacement LLK 2-G1KA02, as above but 2 m long
5308056 LL3-TB03 Direct replacement LLK 2-O4DM02, M4 probe tip, 1.5 x 90 mm
5308057 LL3-TT01 M3 probe tip, 1 x 5 mm
5308058 LL3-TV01 3 mm dia tip, right angle sensing
5308059 LL3-TV02 2.5 mm dia tip, right angle sensing
5308060 LL3-TV04 Direct replacement LLK 2-N3AA02, M3 tip, right angle sensing
5308061 LL3-TS08 3 mm dia tip, right angle sensing
5308062 LL3-TS12 4 mm dia tip, right angle sensing, long sensing range
5308063 LL3-TS10 Direct replacement LLK 2-Y8MM02, Block style head
5308064 LL3-TH01 Direct replacement LLK 2-M4DC02, M4 tip, high temp (100 C)
5308065 LL3-TH02 Direct replacement LLK 2-M4GD02, M4 tip, high temp (180 C)
5308066 LL3-TY01 Direct replacement LLK 2-G6GB02, Teflon covered fiber, long senng range
5308067 LL3-TY02 Direct replacement LLK 2-H6GB02, Teflon covered fiber, right ane sensing
5308068 LL3-TM01 M3 tip
5308069 LL3-TM02 M3 probe tip, 2 x 5 mm
5308070 LL3-TM03 1.5 mm dia tip
5308071 LL3-DM01 Direct replacement LLK 1-M4EA02, M4 tip, long sensing range
5308072 LL3-DT03 2.5 mm dia tip
5308073 LL3-DS06 M3 tip
5308074 LL3-DB01 Direct replacement LLK 1-M6FA02, M6 tip, long sensing range
5308075 LL3-DB01-10 Direct replacement LLK 1-M6FA10, as above but 10 m long
5308076 LL3-DT01 Direct replacement LLK 1-M3CA02, M3 tip for special lenses
5308077 LL3-DM02 M4 tip
5308078 LL3-DR01 Direct replacement LLK 1-M6NM02, M6 tip, high flex fiber (4 mm)
5308079 LL3-DR02 M3 tip, high flex (4 mm)
5308080 LL3-DR03 3 mm dia tip, high flex (4 mm)
5308081 LL3-DR04 Direct replacement LLK 1-G1LA01, 1.5 mm dia tip, high flex fibe(4 mm)
5308082 LL3-DR06 M4 tip, high flex fiber (4 mm)
5308083 LL3-DB02 Direct replacement LLK 1-P6FA02, M6 probe tip, 2.5 x 90 mm
5308084 LL3-DM03 M4 probe tip, 1.5 x 90 mm
5308085 LL3-DT02 M3 probe tip, 0.82 x 15 mm, coax
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