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Instrumentation & Measurement

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GE Sensors and Measurement

CIMTEC Automation is pleased to announce its new relationship with GE Measurement & Control Solutions (GE MCS) to offer its Sensor and Measurement line of products in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia as an authorized distributor. GE Measurement & Control provides sensing devices, measurement instrumentation, and integrated systems that enable industrial manufacturers to monitor, protect, control, and validate critical processes and applications in their plant operations.

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Flow Measurement

Liquid and Gas Flow Meters from GE have many advanced features to meet the toughest application.

Gas Analysis

Oxygen, hydrogen, and flue gas analyzers optimize reactors and provide greater safety assurance.

Moisture Analysis

An array of moisture probes, moisture analyzers, and portable hygrometers solve a multitude of moisture sensing requirements.

Pressure Gauges & Transmitters

Controllers, calibrators, transducers and transmitters to solve a wide array of pressure and level applications.


An array of moisture probes, moisture analyzers, and portable hygrometers solve a multitude of moisture sensing requirements.

GE’s offering of Sensing and Measurement equipment includes solutions using thermal validation, dew point measurement, ultrasonic measurement, gas flow measurement, gas analysis, liquid level detection, and process control instrumentation. These products are ideal for solving applications in the following industries:

Environmental Medical Defense Oil & Gas
Marine Pharmaceutical Industrial Power Generation
Meteorology Biotechnology Commercial Transportation
Aerospace Automotive Food & Beverage

CIMTEC’s decades of experience with industrial controls and sensing applications enables us to engineer solutions that incorporate the right Sensing, Measurement, Control and Interface products into a custom solution for your application.

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