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Description: Discrete Input Module 90-70 IC697MDL653 24 Volt DC Positive/Negative Logic, 32-Point Input Module, 32 Points - Four isolated groups of 8 points each, Positive/Negative Logic Compatibility, Proximity switch compatible, Input filter selectable* - 1mS or 10mS, One input configurable as interrupt. Discrete Input Module 90-70 IC697MDL653 Positive/Negative Logic Input Module provides 32 input points in four isolated groups of eight points each. The input current-voltage characteristics meet IEC standard (type 1) specifications.

Weight: 4.00 lbs.

Revision 'B' developed for IC697MDL653

Revision IC697MDL653B

Cimtec Automation stocks IC697MDL653B (the IC697MDL653 with revision B). We offer quality support for IC697MDL653B including in-house repairs, field support, plus our Remanufactured and New Surplus parts.