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PLC Migration & Conversion


CIMTEC Automation Upgrade Plus

Your On-Ramp to the Industrial Internet
The time to move into the future is now.

The Power of Migration

The digital industrial revolution is here, and it's fueled by migration. Pushing the limits of legacy systems with outdated components is no longer an option - you need migration solutions that blast beyond the incremental benefits of yesterday's upgrades. Replacing your existing PLCs with current technology with bring you light years ahead. And that's exactly where you should be.

The Power of Connectedness

Digital transformation is moving everyone forward to the global stage and leveling a lucrative playing field - and connection is the key. The ability to interconnect disparate processes and systems in real time is changing industry by the moment, driving higher levels of productivity, performance and value than ever before.

CIMTEC puts the power of connectedness in your hands.

The Power of Partnership

Whether your business is swept up in the cloud-based Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or swept away by poor planning, inferior components and weak execution depends on choosing the right partner. With deep knowledge, sharp insights, and the right controllers, entering the realm of the IIoT is simpler, faster and easier than you think.

With an extraordinary depth of knowledge that extends from first generation automation technology to cutting edge PLC systems and parts, CIMTEC opens the doors for your successful migration into the digital industrial revolution.

The Power of CIMTEC

As experts in PLC system conversion, CIMTEC has made thousands of successful migrations, enabling our clients to stay highly competitive while slashing the staggering expense of downtime.

Our process incorporates a thorough assessment of your installed base and an immersion in your short- and long-range goals, from which we create custom PLC migration plans that meet those objectives. We walk you through every part of the process, break down areas of complexity into manageable steps, and implement on your timetable. GE, Allen-Bradley and Siemens are just a few of the component sources we work with.

CIMTEC Delivers:

  • Unique, extensive knowledge of legacy systems
  • Legacy system buy back program
  • Forward-thinking alternatives to rip and replace
  • Smart, cost-effective upgrades

Partnership That Works

When you partner with CIMTEC, you can rely on 30 years of experience in engineering, automation and PLCs. We'll supply you with all the tools you need to enter the IIoT and tap its infinite potential.

Whether it's a phased migration approach or one time upgrade, we provide a detailed roadmap and walk our clients through every step of the conversion process.

The industrial Internet is all about the here and now.
Take the first step by calling CIMTEC for a Risk Assessment. We'll present detailed plans that make sense for your operations, maximize productivity, and keep costs under control.

Call CIMTEC today to learn more: 877-524-6832.