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GE Fanuc PLC Tech Support – Programming Tools – Series Six

The original programming tool for a GE Fanuc Series Six PLC was the Program Development Terminal or PDT. If you find yourself with one of these units, CIMTEC can provide limited repair service on these units because so many parts are not available any longer. Please contact us at 1-866-599-6507 if you would like to have us look at your PDT.

Logicmaster Six software is the recommended tool to program your Series Six system. Logicmaster Six came in two versions – Parallel and Serial communication. The parallel version requires a Workstation Interface card, or WSI-card, that would reside in a full ISA slot in a personal computer. Due to the shortage of WSI-cards and computers with ISA backplanes, our recommendation is to use Logicmaster Six serial version.

Your computer running Logicmaster Six serial software will communicate to the Series Six CPU via a Communications Control Module, version 2 (CCM2); the part number varies depending on the age of your Series Six:

Brown faceplates: IC600CB516
Black faceplates: IC600CB536

You will need a computer with a serial communication port, either built-in or via a USB adaptor.

Logicmaster Six requires a DOS operating system. If you are running Windows, we have preconfigured an application to create a Virtual Hard Drive (VHD) on your computer that will run DOS and Logicmaster.

Contact our sales department to buy our VHD Logicmaster tool.