For over 30 years, CIMTEC has been a trusted partner to manufacturers for all their automated industrial needs.

We couple our unparalleled knowledge of automation technology with our hard-earned ability to discern automation requirements in a breadth of industries. We make existing systems perform at optimal efficiency and productivity to achieve maximum profitability. And we know just when and how to migrate your automation system to next-generation, state-of-the art technology.

The results? Our industrial automation products and solutions yield the greatest throughput, least downtime and highest quality possible. Our customers benefit from exceptionally LEAN operations and the lowest scrap and rework rates in their industries.

No matter where you find yourself in the automation lifecycle, our CIMTEC team stands at the ready. Our expertise extends from responding to an emergency shutdown, to maintaining or upgrading an existing system, to designing and implementing a state-of-the art manufacturing automation solutions.

Bottom line: CIMTEC continues to achieve unmatched competitive gains for the hundreds of leading manufacturers who rely on us for all their automation products.


A well designed automation system allows CIMTEC customers to stay productive and profitable.

Our expertly designed systems are:

  • Easily maintained for minimal downtime
  • Built with accessible and affordable parts for easy replacement
  • Designed to optimize customer productivity
  • Constructed for maximum efficiency and longterm effectiveness



Automation customers view CIMTEC as a critical supply partner, capable of delivering parts quickly.

As expert automation suppliers, we grant our customers with:

  • Over $10,000,000 of inventory in Charlotte, NC
  • Parts for both new and legacy automation systems
  • Warranties on both new and rebuilt parts
  • Same-day, worldwide shipping


CIMTEC provides ongoing customer support, from the initial system design
to any repairs or updates made on legacy systems.

Our support services include:

  • Risk assessment and guidance regarding purchases, repairs and migration
  • Manuals, training and support for start up assistance
  • Phone consultation available 24/7
  • Troubleshooting at your location

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CIMTEC understands the importance of keeping a well maintained automation system.

Our services include:

  • Maintenance for new and legacy systems
  • Access to automated engineering services experts who consult and support your engineering team
  • Knowledge of the entire automation process enabling you to use fewer vendors
  • A two year warranty on in-house repairs

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