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ABB Trio I/O

ABB TRIO I/O was made by GE IP under the name of GENIUS I/O. The only difference is the label on the front of the unit. The firmware, wiring and configuration are 100% compatible. We stock all ABB TRIO I/O under the name of GE IP but each Block can be relabeled with the ABB part number for tracking purposes.

ABB Trio I/O   Description
6230BP10810 IC660BBA020 Block 24/48Vdc Analog 4 Inputs / 2 Outputs
6233BP10810 IC660BBA021 Block 24/48Vdc RTD Input 6 Channels
6232BP10810 IC660BBA023 Block 24/48VdcThermocouple Input 6 Channels
6231BP10810 IC660BBA024 Block 24/48Vdc Analog Current 4 Inputs / 2 Outputs
6236BP10810 IC660BBA025 Block 24/48Vdc Analog Current Source 6 Outputs
6235BP10810 IC660BBA026 Block 24/48Vdc Analog Current Source 6 Inputs
6230BP10710 IC660BBA100 Block 115Vac Analog 4 Inputs / 2 Outputs
6233BP10910 IC660BBA101 Block 115Vac/125Vdc RTD Input 6 Channels
6232BP10710 IC660BBA103 Block 115Vac/125Vdc Thermocouple Input 6 Channels
6231BP10910 IC660BBA104 Block 115Vac/125Vdc Analog Current Source 4 Inputs / 2 Outputs
6236BP10910 IC660BBA105 Block 115Vac/125Vdc Analog Current Source 6 Outputs
6235BP10910 IC660BBA106 Block 115Vac/125Vdc Analog Current Source 6 Inputs
6240BP10811 IC660BBD020 Block 24/48Vdc Source I/O 16 Circuits, 3 Wire Sensor Compatible
6240BP10812 IC660BBD021 Block 24/48Vdc Sink I/O 16 Circuits, 3 Wire Sensor Compatible
6240BP10411 IC660BBD022 Block 24Vdc Source I/O 16 Circuits, 2/3 Wire Sensor Compatible
6240BP10412 IC660BBD023 Block 24Vdc Sink I/O 16 Circuits, 2/3 Wire Sensor Compatible
6241BP10411 IC660BBD024 Block 12/24Vdc Source I/O 32 Circuits
6241BP10812 IC660BBD025 Block 5/12/24Vdc Sink I/O Block 32 Circuits
6245BP10710 IC660BBD101 Block 115Vac I/O Low Leakage 8 Circuits
6247BP10710 IC660BBD110 Block 115Vac Input 16 Circuits
6234BP10910 IC660BBD120 Block High Speed Counter
6248BP10812 IC660BBR100 Block Relay Output Normally Closed 16 Circuits
6248BP10811 IC660BBR101 Block Relay Output Normally Open 16 Circuits
6246BP10810 IC660BBS102 Block 115Vac/125Vdc Low Leak Isol I/O, w/Failed Sw Diag, 8 Ckt
6246BP10811 IC660BBS103 Block 115Vac/125Vdc Low Leak Isol I/O, w/o Failed Sw Diag, 8 Ckt
6200FP10005 IC660BCM501 Hand-Held Monitor Battery Charger
6202FP00075 IC660BLM506 Bus Terminator 150 Ohm
6202FP00150 IC660BLM508 Bus Terminator 75 Ohm
6200FP10004 IC660BPM500 Hand-Held Monitor Battery Pack
6203FP10800 IC660BSM021 Bus Switching Module 24/48Vdc
6203FP10900 IC660BSM120 Bus Switching Module 115Vac/125Vdc
6230BP10820 IC660EBA020 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBA020
6233BP10820 IC660EBA021 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBA021
6232BP10820 IC660EBA023 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBA023
6231BP10820 IC660EBA024 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBA024
6236BP10820 IC660EBA025 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBA025
6235BP10820 IC660EBA026 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBA026
6230BP10720 IC660EBA100 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBA100
6233BP10920 IC660EBA101 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBA101
6232BP10720 IC660EBA103 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBA103
6231BP10920 IC660EBA104 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBA104
6236BP10920 IC660EBA105 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBA105
6235BP10920 IC660EBA106 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBA106
6240BP10821 IC660EBD020 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBD020
6240BP10822 IC660EBD021 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBD021
6240BP10421 IC660EBD022 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBD022
6240BP10422 IC660EBD023 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBD023
6241BP10421 IC660EBD024 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBD024
6241BP10822 IC660EBD025 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBD025
6245BP10720 IC660EBD101 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBD101
6247BP10720 IC660EBD110 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBD110
6234BP10920 IC660EBD120 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBD120
6248BP10822 IC660EBR100 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBR100
6248BP10821 IC660EBR101 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBR101
6246BP10820 IC660EBS102 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBS102
6246BP10821 IC660EBS103 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBS103
6200FP10001 IC660HHC005 Hand-Held Monitor Cable
6200DP10800 IC660HHM501 Hand-Held Monitor includes Cable and Battery Charger
6233BP10830 IC660TBA021 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA021
6232BP10830 IC660TBA023 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA023
6231BP10830 IC660TBA024 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA024
6236BP10830 IC660TBA025 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA025
6235BP10830 IC660TBA026 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA026
6233BP10930 IC660TBA101 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA101
6232BP10730 IC660TBA103 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA103
6231BP10930 IC660TBA104 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA104
6236BP10930 IC660TBA105 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA105
6235BP10930 IC660TBA106 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA106
6240BP10431 IC660TBD022 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBD022
6240BP10432 IC660TBD023 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBD023
6241BP10431 IC660TBD024 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBD024
6241BP10832 IC660TBD025 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBD025
6247BP10730 IC660TBD110 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBD110
6234BP10930 IC660TBD120 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBD120
6248BP10832 IC660TBR100 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBR100
6248BP10831 IC660TBR101 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBR101
6230BP10830 IC660TSA020 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA020
6230BP10730 IC660TSA100 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA100
6240BP10831 IC660TSD020 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBD020
6240BP10832 IC660TSD021 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBD021
6245BP10730 IC660TSD100 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBD100/101
6246BP10830 IC660TSS100 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBS100/101