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Machine Tending Kit

Machine Tending Kit (MTK)

CIMTEC Engineered Products (CEP) proposes our Machine Tending Kit (MTK) as the first step to automating your facilities production processes. The MTK will allow you to deploy an automated system quickly and cost effectively.

CEP’s Machine Tending Kit will be furnished as a functioning system that will automatically locate and pick up your parts then place them in a fixed area or pattern.

The major components of MTK are as follows:

  1. Universal Robot UR-10 (including teach pendant and controller)
  2. CEP Mobile Pedestal (pictured below)
  3. Flexible two-finger gripper
  4. Integrated Machine Vision with lighting
  5. Integrated lidar based Safety Scanner

The MTK has the following functionality:

  1. System will locate and pick parts in a specified field of view.
  2. Picked parts will be moved to another specified area in set pattern or stacked. Specified area must be in reach of MTK limits.
  3. Safety system will detect presence of humans and stop movement *
  4. System operations can be customized your application needs. Depending on the custom programming needed, an additional charge may be required. One (1) day of system start up is included with this pricing where an CEP engineer will provide training on programming and use of the MTK.

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