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Vision Metrics Software

Vision Metrics Software

Vision Metrics Machine Vision Software provides invaluable information about your process, maximizing the capability of any Machine Vision System.

Our pre-engineered solutions offer innovative options that can reduce costs, improve quality and efficiency, and be configured to meet the unique requirements of your automation project and facility.

Do I need Machine Vision Software?

As a Machine Vision user, have you ever wondered

  • What is the reject rate at each vision station in my process over the last month?
  • How does an upstream failure on my machine compare visually to a downstream inspection?
  • Are operators typing in data that is also being captured by a camera?
  • What if I could show my biggest customer an image of each part as it was inspected?
  • Can I get more out of my Machine Vision technology?

Vision Metrics Machine Vision Software delivers instant information

  • Flexible reports based on time and camera
  • Built-in Histogram and Pareto Statistical Analysis tools for instantaneous statistical analysis of inspection data
  • Long Term availability of image files for archived visual confirmation of data quality
  • Direct interface to MES, ERP, and other plant information systems

With Vision Metrics Machine Vision Software you can:

  • Provide customers with visual confirmation of quality inspection.
  • Empower operators to recognize statistical trends in the process in real time.
  • Improve the effectiveness of existing resources.

Vision Metrics Machine Vision Software is easy to use

Vision Metrics Machine Vision Software communicates with each of your vision cameras via existing plant Ethernet networks. The software stores all inspection results and images created by each camera. Inspection information and parts images can be available to users anywhere in the plant with an easy-to-use web browser interface.

We make implementation of Vision Metrics Machine Vision Software simple - the software is ready to implement right out of the box. You can be collecting important production data of your vision system in minutes.

To see the benefits of Vision Metrics Machine Vision Software, watch this short video:

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