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Automation Consulting

Industry-Leading Automation Consultants

CIMTEC is in the business of solving problems. We set the standard in automation consulting by merging products, engineering services and innovative technology into one solution. Our products and services work together to improve performance, reduce risk and add value to any operation.

Whether your request requires combining motion, vision and control products into a hybrid amalgamation, our team will lay out a five year plan to upgrade old control systems to the most up to date technology, delivering complicated control systems in an expertly built panel. Alternately, we can develop a package of hardware and software solutions and walk your team through step by step.

Our automation consultants have knowledge of practices, trends, and regulatory issues for a variety of industries. We specialize in tailoring manufacturing automation solutions and business systems, combining products, optimizing networking, and much, much more.

Automation Consulting

CIMTEC is known for its technical proficiency, automation solutions, and quality products. Our company offers streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective engineering solutions. We have an established track record of working closely with customers to improve productivity and reduce risks or downtime. CIMTEC's connection with top manufacturers, technical skill and track record of developing outstanding specialized solutions for its customers sets us apart in the field of automation consulting.

CIMTEC is devoted to assisting its customers to succeed with their technology. Our goal is to develop the best value, performance, and innovation in the industry. We offer the full range of automation consulting services including diagnostics, application design, training, turnkey engineering projects and more. To discover how CIMTEC can help you achieve your goals, contact us and speak with a specialist today. To experience a few of our automation consulting services success stories, view our case studies.

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