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Turn-key Projects

Turnkey engineering projects

Leveraging our unique four-step project management process, CIMTEC specializes in offering turnkey automation engineering projects across a diverse range of industries. Our years of experience and knowledge of a variety of engineering disciplines are the foundation for our proven approach and the success of the hundreds of complex projects we’ve undertaken.

Step 1: Define
  • CIMTEC's Application and System Engineers conduct interviews and measure your current system performance to create your Project Scope proposal.
  • During our Conceptual Design phase, we document the critical success factors, technical viability, hardware and software requirements, and engineering resources required to achieve your objectives.
Step 2: Design
  • Our Project Proposal phase details CIMTEC's deliverables, including development specifications, definitions of the scope of work, and assignment of a dedicated Project Manager.
  • Next, we provide the System Engineering documentation, which includes: infrastructure design strategies, vendor and supplier qualifications, system software information, training documentation, and a firm project timeline.
Step 3: Execute
  • During the Assembly and Test phases, we finalize your production schedule, the hardware manufacturing cycle, all software implementation, and finally, the factory test.
Step 4: Deliver
  • Following production testing and qualification, your project is now complete, and we are ready to turn over the final system to you.
  • Rely on us for operator training and startup assistance.

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