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Eurotherm Drives

Eurotherm Drives - LINK High Speed Drive Control System

The Integrator series is a single family of AC (690+) and DC (590+) drives offering the benefit of common programming, a selection of Fieldbus communication options and software tools across both technologies.

The 690+ AC series is user configurable for basic open-loop (v/Hz), sensorless vector or full closed-loop, flux vector control. The 590+ series is available in DRV format incorporating all fuses, AC supply contactor, and optional fan blower starter and control transformer within the same footprint area.

Sensorless Vector Drives

The 650 series inverters provide simple, no-fuss speed control of standard three-phase AC motors from 0.3 to 150 Hp. Sensorless vector versions (standard above 10 Hp) provide exceptional dynamic response. They are full of useful features including pre-programmed applications - all designed to simplify set-up, installation and operation.


  • Extremely simple set-up and operation
  • A range of models for a variety of application needs:
  • 230V ratings to 2.2kW
  • 400V ratings to 90 kW (see chart for more details)
  • Local or remote mountable keypad
  • Exceptionally compact design, DIN mountable to 10hp
  • Internal EMC compliant filters
  • High torque sensorless vector option
  • Pre-programmed applications

Integrator Series

The Integrator Series is a single family of both AC drives (690+) and DC drives (590+) that provides the benefits of common programming, set-up and communications across both technologies. The 590+ Integrator series highly advanced DC drive meets the demands of the most complex motor control applications.


  • Common programming, set-up and communications with 690+AC Integrator series
  • DRV option with built-in contactor and fuses
  • Systems specification including open and closed loop winder control as standard
  • Ratings up to 2700A and supply voltages up to 660V
  • Function block programming based
  • Internal controlled field supply