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Turn your surplus parts into cash

Take the opportunity to recoup some of your investment in automation assets, declutter your store room, and help the environment, all at once. Selling us your used, surplus and unwanted PLC parts, no matter the condition, accomplishes all three.

Hundreds of thousands of unwanted automation components are thrown away each year, ending up in landfills. Their leaking batteries and capacitors pose a hazard to our environment. On the other hand, components recycled through CIMTEC can be put back into service after our skilled technicians refurbish or remanufacture them as needed.

We pay top market value for used, surplus and unwanted parts. We purchase hundreds of thousands of surplus parts each year, and we have the financial resources to pay you in a timely fashion.

Simply fill out the form below and we will respond with an offer. Alternatively, if you want to attach your list of parts to an email, click here. You’ll receive a cash payment, or receive credit to apply to other purchases of automation components.

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