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CIMTEC Factory Risk Assessment
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Safeguard your investment with a factory risk assessment

CIMTEC knows how critical it is to keep your systems and your parts inventory up to date. You need to avoid downtime and unnecessary risk to your operations. You need the peace of mind of knowing that your automation systems are optimized, backed up and prepared to last.

CIMTEC’s Factory Risk Assessment program helps manufacturers achieve these goals. CIMTEC’s automation experts do a thorough analysis of your systems, and produce a plan to mitigate risk to your operations. Not only will we identify any upgrades needed to keep your systems running today, but we ensure your inventory is available and current in the event of a failure. In addition, our evaluation of your inventory may uncover old parts you no longer need, which may give you money back through our buy-back program.

Here’s how the program works:

Step 1: Discovery

Our experienced engineers will perform a complete evaluation of your facility’s automation systems and spare parts inventory. We'll identify any potential key needs due to obsolescence or incompatibility.

Step 2: Assessment

Our Program Specialist will schedule an on-site facility visit, and will work quickly and efficiently to provide an in-depth review and documentation of your automation system.

Step 3: Delivery

After in-depth analysis, your Factory Automation Inventory is delivered to you in hard copy and electronic formats. It includes your complete inventory, a list of obsolete parts that we will buy from you, a list of recommended parts for back-up, and a list of parts we can re-warranty.

Don't leave the performance of your factory to chance. Operate with peace of mind and make some money with your unwanted parts.

Sign up for a Factory Automation Inventory today.

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