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Authorized Supplier of Cognex Vision Products - High-Tech Distributor Since 1987

Cognex Vision

Cognex offers the widest range of machine vision and industrial ID products available from a single source. Companies throughout the world use Cognex machine vision systems to improve product quality, reduce manufacturing costs, and track parts on their production lines. All Cognex machine vision systems incorporate innovative vision technology that has led the world since 1981, and are universally recognized as offering the highest accuracy, reliability and performance in any machine vision sensor. With more than half a million machine vision systems installed worldwide and inspecting billions of products every day, Cognex helps manufacturers operating in all industry sectors isolate defective parts, optimize production processes and implement full traceability programs.

Cognex is one of the largest providers of machine machine vision systems. Its global presence affords all users great support and service. Cognex’s purchase of DVT affords it the reputation of being clear the market leader in worldwide machine vision systems, vision sensors and industrial ID readers.

CIMTEC is a full Cognex vision distributor - or Automation Solution Provider (ASP) - with several Cognex trained engineers on staff to help with your machine vision needs. We can test samples of your parts in our in-house lab or visit your site for an inline test. We have full vision system engineering capability to provide all mechanical, electrical and programming aspects to make any application of a Cognex 3D vision system a complete success.

Applications involving Cognex machine vision include:

We have complete engineering capabilities guided by our automation consultants that can provide all mechanical, electrical and programming aspects to make any machine vision application a complete success.

Dataman ID Readers

DataMan® ID readers offer the smallest and highest performance in the industry, reading everything from simple bar codes to challenging DPM marks reliably every time. Ground breaking technologies includes new autofocus and industrial connectivity capabilities.
Dataman ID Readers

In-Sight® vision systems are powerful, self-contained products for all kinds of vision applications. They combine camera, processor, and software into a single package, with a simple and flexible user interface for configuring your application.

Dataman ID Readers

Vision sensors are easy to use and affordable. They are used to check the presence and size of parts and products. Can be used in a wide range of applications.

Dataman ID Readers

VisionView® is ideal for monitoring and controlling vision systems on the factory floor, and allows operator controls specific to the application.

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