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Control TechniquesMotion Control – FM Controls

FM Controls

Modular Fuctionality for EN & MDS Series Servo Drives

FM controls are application modules that provide added functionality to the EN Series Servo Drives and MDS Series Servo Drives. These modules mount directly to the front of any EN Series or MDS Drive. This is convenient for existing installations with limited mounting space, and is an economical solution for users wishing to keep drives on hand and not controls.

FM-2 Indexing Module

The FM-2 module enhances EN & MDS drives by adding positioning capability including Jog, Home, Index functions including Position Tracker – Fieldbus Indexing. The FM-2 also includes additional I /O providing 8 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs.

  • Clutch-brake replacement
  • Extend-retract arm
  • Indexing table
  • Indexing conveyor

FM-3E Programing Module

The FM-3E Ethernet module transforms the EN & MDS into a fully programmable single-axis motion controller, and adds 8 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs. Profibus (FM-3PB) and DeviceNet (FM-3DN) options are also available.

The FM-3E Ethernet Programming Module allows the user to create programs to sequence motion, I/O control, and other machine operations in one environment. These programs used in conjunction with the Assignments or “virtual wiring” feature, provide the user with a powerful and easy-to-use programming environment.

  • Tension control
  • Flying cut off
  • Auger filler
  • Registration control
  • Slip compensation

FM-4E Advanced Programing Module

The FM-4E Advanced Programming module has taken all of the features and flexibility of the FM-3E, and added the ability to create complex motion profiles for sophisticated applications.

The FM-4E adds versatility and extends functionality by including high speed data capture, summation of multiple motion profiles, position capture object, queuing, multiple profile summation, program multi-tasking, and an array of parameters suitable for even the toughest applications.

  • Random infeed conveyor
  • Merge conveyor
  • Rotary knife
  • High speed labeling
  • Phase synchronization
  • Electronic gearing
  • Point-to-point positioning
  • Thermoforming
  • Web control

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Part #: Description:
FM-2 FM-2, Indexing Module
FM-3 FM-3, Programming Module
FM-3DN FM-3DN, Programming Module with DeviceNet
FM-3E FM-3E, Programming Module with Ethernet
FM-3PB FM-3PB, Programming Module with Profibus
FM-4 FM-4, Advanced Programming Module
FM-4DN FM-4DN, Advanced Programming Module with DeviceNet
FM-4E FM-4E, Advanced Programming Module with Ethernet
FM-4PB FM-4PB, Advanced Programming Module with Profibus

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