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Authorized Supplier of Emerson - Control Techniques Products - High-Tech Distributor Since 1987

Nidec Control Techniques - CTMotion Control – MC Controllers

MC Controllers

The MC Controller is ideal for applications requiring interpolated motion and tightly coordinated motion sequencing. The Motion Coordinator (MC) series of centralized controllers offer scalability and flexibility. Scalability is offered through the choice of two different base controllers – the MC206X and the MC224 - and over 15 daughter board options. These hardware options work with all Emerson/Control Techniques servo drives.


2-7 Axis Control

The MC206X is a very capable all-in-one motion controller and integrates easily with Control Techniques scalable servo offering. The MC206X can coordinate 2-4 Control Techniques drives via encoder feedback, analog output. The MC206X comes standard with onboard I/O for high speed digital inputs, outputs, analog inputs, and an additional encoder reference signal.

Key Benefits

  • 250 μs, 500 μs, or 1 ms Servo cycle time
  • Multitasking processor with 7 tasks
  • Floating point Math
  • Interpolation; linear, circular, helical
  • Centralized point to point position controller
  • Cam Profiles
  • Electronic Gearing
  • Accel/Decel S Ramps Controls
  • 4 encoder/analog axis control standard
  • 2 virtual axis standard
  • 1 master encoder standard
  • High speed latch inputs standard
  • 7 axis control with optional SERCOS Daughter Board
  • 5 axis control with optional encoder/feedback Board
  • Expandable I/O up to 256
  • One Daughter Board Expansion Slot


Up to 24 Axis Control

The MC224 is a high performance controller capable of 24 axis of coordinated motion control when combined with Control Techniques scalable servo drive offering. The MC224 motion capabilities include circular interpolation, point to point, camming, electronic gearing and basic accel/decel s-ramp motion profiles.

Key Benefits

  • Control up to 16 axis via analog/encoder or up to 24 axis via SERCOS
  • 250 μs, 500 μs, or 1 ms Servo cycle time
  • Multitasking processor with 14 tasks
  • Floating point Math Interpolation
  • Centralized point to point position controller
  • Cam Profiles
  • Electronic Gearing
  • Accel/Decel S Ramps Controls
  • Scalable axis via option slots and expansion base
  • Onboard I/O
  • Expandable I/O
  • Programmed using the free MotionPerfect2 Software

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Part #: Description:
P201-00-000 MC Controller Servo Encoder Daughter Board with two Registration Inputs & 16 bit AO
P220-00-000 MC Controller Reference Encoder Daughter Board (2Meg max rate)
P230-00-000 MC Controller Stepper Daughter Board (step/direction, boost, enable output)
P240-00-000 MC Controller Stepper Encoder Daughter Board
P242-00-000 MC Controller Hardware PSWITCH Daughter Board (4 x 1us output)
P260-00-000 MC Controller Analog Output Daughter Board(12bit +/-10Vdc)
P270-00-000 MC Controller SSI Servo Encoder Daughter Board
P280-00-000 MC Controller Differential Stepper Daughter Board
P291-00-000 MC Controller SERCOS Daughter Board, 2 Axis Enabled
P292-00-000 MC Controller 3 Axes SLM Interface Daughter Board
P293-00-000 MC Controller Enhanced CAN Daughter Board (includes 2 axes)
P295-00-000 MC Controller USB Daughter Board, for use between MC Controller and PC USB port
P296-00-000 MC Controller Ethernet Daughter Board with Ethernet TCP (Modbus) Protocol
P297-00-000 MC Controller Profibus Daughter Board
P298-00-000 MC Controller Ethernet Daughter Board with Ethernet / IP Protocol
P301-00-000 MC224 Expander Unit, RoHs (replaces P300), accepts up to 4 Daughter Boards which provide servo control, I/O, and communications. Requires appropriate expansion cable for interfacing to the MC224 Base Unit. Software Enable Codes purchased separately.
P316-00-000 MC Controller 16 channel, 24v digital I/O in a single DIN-rail unit. CANBus connection. CAN 16-I/O (bi-directional), RoHS Compliant
P325-00-000 MC Controller 8 channel, ±10v Analog Input Channels in single DIN-rail unit. CANBus Connection. CAN 8 Analog Inputs (12bit single-ended)
P350-00-000 MC RS232 Serial Cable from PC to MC Controller, 2 meter Length, 9 pin to mini-DIN
P354-00-000 MC Mini-Din to Flying Lead Serial Cable 10 ft
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