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Nidec Control Techniques - CTMotion Control – MDS Servo Drives

MDS Servo Drives

The Modular Drive System, MDS Servo Drive, from Nidec/Control Techniques is a powerful and cost effective solution for applications with multiple axes. The MDS Servo Drive sysytem utilizes a unique backplane architecture that provides a common bus platform for one of three sizes of power modules and up to eight drive modules. The same MDS modules can operate on a 230V or 460V AC input. Plus, there are five different sizes of drive modules to meet the needs of almost any multiple axis application.

FM control modules provide EN drives with “snap-on” functionality for Indexing (FM-2), Programming (FM-3E), and Advanced Programming (FM-4E). This modular approach allows users to choose the level of advanced machine control they need, based on the applications requirements and supporting scalability. The MDS motion functionality can be easily scalable by adding on FM modules.

Whether the drives are utilized in base drive-only applications or with a closed loop controller, setup can be achieved in just minutes. The use of a State-Space algorithm makes tuning very simple and forgiving. Base drive features include:

  • Position Tracker™ – Analog Mode
  • Analog Torque Mode
  • Analog Velocity Mode
  • Digital Velocity Preset
  • Pulse Mode
    • Pulse/Pulse
    • Pulse/Direction
    • Pulse/Quadrature
  • Summation of Analog Velocity and Digital Velocity

Typical Applications

  • Spindle speed control
  • Automatic feed control
  • Loop/dancer arm control
  • Electronic gearing
  • Stepper drive replacement
  • Tension control
  • Position Control with simple analog signal
  • Replaces expensive PLC position control modules

Key Benefits

  • Programmable I/O
    • 5 optically-isolated inputs (1 dedicated)
    • 3 optically-isolated outputs
    • 1 analog input ±10 VDC, 14-bit
    • 2 analog output ±10 VDC, 10-bit
  • Programmable encoder output, (up to 8,192 lines per revolution)
  • Separate stop and travel limit decel ramps
  • Torque, Travel, Following Error and velocity limits
  • 8 user defined speed presets with individual accel/decel rates
  • 2 Programmable Torque Level Outputs
  • In Motion Velocity Output
  • Software Oscilloscope

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Part #: Description:
MD24-UG MD-24 Profibus-DP Interface User Guide
MD-25 DeviceNet Interface Card
MD25-UG MD-25 DeviceNet Interface User Guide
MD-29AN MD29, 32 Bit Co-processor with CTNet (Not compatible with MD-29AN-RevD)
MD-29AN-RevD MD29, 32 Bit Coprocessor with CTNet-RevD (Current Version of CTNet)
MD-404-00-000 MDS Drive Module, 4A Cont. Output Current, 8A Peak Current, with Backplane and Fuses
MD-407-00-000 MDS Drive Module, 7A Cont. Output Current, 14A Peak Current, with Backplane and Fuses
MD-410-00-000 MDS Drive Module, 10A Cont. Output Current, 20A Peak Current, with Backplane and Fuses
MD-420-00-000 MDS Drive Module, 20A Cont. Output Current, 40A Peak Current, with Backplane and Fuses
MD-434-00-000 MDS Drive Module, 34A Cont. Output Current, 68A Peak Current, with Backplane and Fuses
MDIBS InterBus-S Interface Card
MDIBS-UG MDIBS Interbus-S Interface User Guide

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