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Authorized Supplier of Emerson Automation/GE PLC Products - High-Tech Distributor Since 1987

Emerson Automation, formerly GE Automation – GE Series 90-70

GE Series 90-70

CIMTEC Automation has acquired the complete 90-70 product line from GE IP!  We have purchased the last remaining inventory from GE on all 90-70 New PLC parts and have plenty of parts in stock today to keep your 90-70 systems running.

In addition to new 90-70 parts, we complement our 90-70 offering with remanufactured parts and a factory-qualified in-house repair center with quick turnaround on all 90-70 parts.

CIMTEC has been supporting the GE 90-70 product line ever since it was introduced in 1987.  We have a full team of PLC Engineers who can answer any 90-70 technical or application question.  We have a complete library of 90-70 support documentation and offer all of the tools needed to program and troubleshoot any 90-70 system.

The GE IP Series 90-70 family of controllers is designed to meet the most complex applications, such as advanced batch processing, triple modular redundancy, high-speed processing, and those requiring large numbers of I/O and large amounts of process memory.

With GE IP's CPX family of CPUs, the Series 90-70 offers more for your automation dollar – more computing power, more memory for your applications, and more communications and redundancy

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Part #: Description:

Bus expansion module 90-70 IC687BEM713, Half Slot, 500 Kbytes/sec effective data rate, 20-30 second time to store 16 Kbyte program with a 50 foot...

IC697ACC700 Terminal Block
IC697ACC701 Replacement Battery, CPU & PCM (qty
IC697ALG230 Analog 90-70 Input IC697ALG230, Voltage/Current, 8 Channels. GE IC697ALG230 has 8 differential inputs individually configurable for voltage or current inputs....
Analog module 90-70 IC697ALG320 high level analog output system - voltage/current, has 4 outputs individualy configurable. 90-70 IC697ALG320 provides...
IC697ALG440 Analog input system 90-70 IC697ALG440 current expander module. There are 16 channels on the 90-70 IC697ALG440. 90-70 IC697ALG440 accepts 4 to 20 milliamp...
IC697ALG441 Voltage expander module 90-70 IC697ALG441 Voltage, –10 to +10 Volts and accepts 4 to 20 milliamp current loop signals Individual user scaling on each input...
IC697BEM711 Bus expansion module 90-70 IC697BEM711 a high speed parallel bus expansion interface, accepts up to seven expansion racks, hold last state, has 3 led...
IC697BEM713 Bus expansion module 90-70 IC697BEM713, 500 Kbytes/sec effective data rate, 20-30 second time to store 16 Kbyte program with a 50 foot max cabel length. 90-70...
IC697BEM721 90-70 IC697BEM721 is an I/O link interface module. The  90-70 IC697BEM721 occupies single slot in PLC rack.  90-70 IC697BEM721 has three status
IC697BEM731 Bus expansion module 90-70 IC697BEM731 has thirty drops per second IC66* (IC660 or IC661) I/O Diagnostics. 90-70 IC697BEM731  90-70 IC697BEM731 has...
Bus expansion Module 90-70 IC697BEM733 remote I/O scanner, 128 bytes of inputs and 128 bytes of outputs per remote drop, 1024 discrete inputs and 1024...
IC697BEM741 90-70 IC697BEM741 FIP Bus allows the IC697 PLC to attach to a 1 Mbit FIP or WorldFIP Fieldbus network. The 90-70 IC697BEM741 FIP Bus can scan FIP I/O from...
IC697BEM761  90-70 IC697BEM761 8 max racks or 16 with complementary addressing 256 I/O points per rack 4000 points per system with complementary addressing, 1.3 amps...
IC697BEM763 GE Series 90-70 DLAN/DLAN+ Drive Interface module. The IC697BEM763 provides a high-performance interface between the GE...
IC697CGR772 Single slot CPU  90-70 IC697CGR772 96 MHz, 32-Bit Floating Point, 512 KByte Memory.  90-70 IC697CGR772 is a 96 MHz, 32-Bit Floating Point, 512 KByte...
IC697CGR935 CPU 90-70 IC697CGR935 96 MHz, 32-Bit Floating Point, 1 MByte Fast Memory.  90-70 IC697CGR935 communicates with I/O and smart option (specialty) modules...
IC697CHS750 A 5 slot rear mounting PLC rack 90-70 IC697CHS750 accepts all IC697 PLC module types. Each 90-70 IC697CHS750 rack provides slot sensing for rack-type I/O...
IC697CHS770 PLC Rack 90-70 IC697CHS770 can support 2 systems per rack with 6 slots per system. PLC Rack 90-70 IC697CHS770 has a max 5 volt current at 20 amps (100 watt...
IC697CHS771 PLC Rack 90-70 IC697CHS771 can support 2 systems per rack with 6 slots per system. PLC Rack 90-70 IC697CHS771 has a max 5 volt current at 20 amps (100 watt...
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