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Authorized Supplier of Computer Dynamics Products - High-Tech Distributor Since 1987

Computer Dynamics Industrial Flat Panel Computer and Monitor Solutions

Modular PC Concept

There are two typical ways that Industrial PCs are configured. The first is an all-in-one PC that has an integrated computer and display. 
The second approach is to use a separate industrial PC and display with cables running between the two systems. Each approach has its merits and drawbacks…Read More

Selecting a Panel PC

In the previous article (see here), we discussed the various Panel PC options that Computer Dynamics provides. Computer Dynamics offers so many options so that we can select the right design for your intended end use. From relatively benign, low vibration applications to wash down, high temperature, and excessive shock and vibration, Computer Dynamics has an offering to meet your price and application needs. Read More

Computer Dynamics has been in business for over 30 years and was founded on the principal of providing technology exactly the way our customers want it.  In 1981, this meant custom digital I/O on Z80-based CPUs cards.  Today, this means anything from configuring a system from a wide range of existing choices to building an entire flat panel system including customized single board computers running the latest Intel hardware packaged into specially designed metal work and tested to meet necessary standards.
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In May 2012 CIMTEC Automation based in Charlotte, NC acquired the assets of Computer Dynamics, Inc. (CDI) from GE Intelligent Platforms. CIMTEC provides all in-house repair and support services for the CDI ( line as well as CDI products for new applications. The addition of the CDI product line is a natural addition to CIMTEC's' current repair and new product offerings.

As well, the addition of the Computer Dynamics industrial PCs, industrial flat panel monitors and rack mount computers are a perfect complement to CIMTEC’s high-tech automation solution set.  Bring us your application requirements and allow our talented group of automation consultants to design the best, most cost-effective solutions, incorporating our machine vision, motion control and supervisory software products, tailored to your specific application and environment.


Flat Panel Computers – Industrial PCs

Computer Dynamics provides industrial flat panel display choices ranging from 8.4" through 21", integrated with a touchscreen for operator input. Flat panel computers are powered by either an Intel® -based engine, including Core™ 2 Quad processors and offering all PC-compatible functions or low-power, wide temperature range and diskless operation systems. CDI’s flat panel computers and Industrial PCs are available in a variety of mechanical configurations ranging from open-frame to complete enclosed products with plastic enclosures and full agency approvals. These flat panel computers are often utilized when creating custom industrial automation systems.


industrial & OEM Flat Panel MonitorsIndustrial & OEM Flat Panel Monitors  

CDI Flat panel monitors offer the advantages of an industrial flat panel operator interface that can accept almost any video signal, including standard RGB, Synch-on-Green (SOG), Composite Synch, NTSC and PAL. As an industrial LCD monitors manufacturer, Computer Dynamics offers systems with flat panel displays ranging from 6.4" through 47”.  These units are available as open-frame solutions or with a variety of enclosure and mounting options.



Industrial & Rack Mount Computers & MonitorsIndustrial & Rack Mount Computers and Monitors  

CDI Industrial Rack Mount Computer systems are designed for high volume users in demanding mission critical applications. CDI Computer systems allow you to custom configure a variety of enclosures and computer horsepower to fit your requirements. CDI industrial computer systems are available with active and passive PCI Bus backplanes that continue to support your legacy ISA cards. From small 2-4 slot systems to 4U and higher rack-mount systems, Computer Dynamics computer systems provide the options that can complete your projects with the highest reliability. Utilizing our industrial automation services will get you access to these products in addition to our industrial engineering consulting.




Military, Marine & Custom SystemsMilitary, Marine & Custom Systems  

CDI’s long term commitment to its customers is to provide cutting edge products for the lifetime of their projects. This commitment is most evident in CDI’s custom designed systems. Many of CDI’s products are seen only by the specific customers for whom they were designed. CDI’s 25-plus years of design experience allows our engineering team to be an extension of yours. We have experience designing custom systems for Military, Marine, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Medical and Transportation industries and markets. With custom enclosures, flat panel computers, embedded systems, industrial LCD displays and touchscreen computers, our Applications and Sales Specialists can help you with any of your custom or semi-custom requirements. Contact us today.


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