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Authorized Supplier of LMI 3D Vision Products - High-Tech Distributor Since 1987

LMI Technologies

LMI Technologies: 3D Vision Made Easy.


  • We live in a 3D world with manufacturing processes demanding high speed and quality results for a variety of challenging materials.
  • Tradition machine vision systems help automation industries are complicated to design, setup, and install and often require specialized industrial engineering knowledge.
  • Most 2D solutions which attempt to solve 3D measurement problems are complicated and expensive. 2D vision simply can’t compensate for height variation without some sort of compromise in cost, quality, or reliability.
  • Traditionally thought of as costly to configure and integrate, today’s 3D vision measurement solutions make it easy to deliver the benefits of 100% quality inspection with LMI’s revolutionary Gocator product family. 
  • Gocator sensors come out-of-the-box pre-calibrated so that they can scan and measure within minutes – no coding or complicated calibration required, suitable for use by factory floor production staff. 
  • Industry standard I/O and small physical dimensions make Gocator simple to integrate.
  • Gocator comes packed with built-in measurement tools making it easy to inspect materials, improve quality control, and introduce factory automation solutions at low cost.

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