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LMI Technologies – Gocator 3D Vision  

Gocator’s unique all-in-one design puts everything needed for set up, measurement, and control in one web-enabled, pre-calibrated package. Everyone from production floor staff to the most experienced 3D systems engineer can use Gocator to precisely scan 3D shape, measure critical dimensions, and communicate to factory floor equipment - all from a web browser.

Simple. Smart. Complete.

Gocator 2300 Series Datasheet
Gocator 3100 Series Datasheet
A Simple Guide to Understanding 3D - Ebook

Feature Rich

  • Built-in web server, no separate software required
  • Use a standard web browser to access the sensor
  • View real-time profile data on any computer, any OS 
  • Built-in measurement tools, no coding necessary
  • Easy setup allows real 3D measuring in minutes, not days
  • Use as a single sensor, dual sensor system, or scale up to a network of sensors
  • Measure profiles or volumes and detect surface patterns all with the same sensor 
  • Scan rate up to 5000 Hz
  • Resolution to microns with large fields of view
  • Ethernet interface 
  • Delivers real world coordinates, right out of the box
  • Laser and camera are factory aligned for consistent, reliable, and precise measurements RICH I/O
  • Interface to your existing control systems, including PLCs
  • Choose how you want to trigger and scan
  • Select Ethernet, digital, analog, and/or serial data output 
  • Easily fits in small spaces
  • Can be used on robotic arms
  • Fits your application without costly modifications 
  • Easy to use, intuitive and responsive interface to get measurements fast
  • Tag and track parts for sorting and rejecting
  • Multiple language options accommodate non-English speaking users
  • True standalone operation for single or dual sensor systems
  • Smart notification system to ensure sensor is configured properly 
Quick Connection 
  • The onboard web server allows for fast setup on any computer
  • Connect via industry standard Ethernet
  • Simple cabling for inputs, outputs, and power
  • True standalone operation allows you to setup and walk away
  • Modbus TCP support allows you to “plug into” PLC controlled factory floors
  • No hidden costs or additional hardware required 
Intuitive Measuring
  • Powerful built-in tools turn 3D profiles into real-time measurements with pass/fail decisions
  • Select the type of measurement and see live results with pass/fail limits
  • Fixturing maintains valid measurements by tracking part movement
  • Record and playback sessions to refine tolerances or export to CSV for later analysis 
3D Part Handling & Intensity Output 

  • Detects individual parts and builds a 3D model ready for measurement
  • Built-in 3D volumetric tools to measure dimensions, location, and orientation of each part
  • Auto detects and sorts multiple parts
  • Save system cost and reduce complexity with Gocator’s all-in-one whole part capability 
  • Use one sensor to perform both 2D vision and 3D measurement
  • Produce a gray scale image of a part using light reflected from the laser
  • Easily integrate 2D image processing libraries to identify defects or patterns on a surface 
Flexible Output
  • Simply click on your choice of outputs and decisions
  • Gocator has the flexibility to simultaneously output data and decisions to a wide variety of I/O
  • Tag and track parts for reject or sorting at a later time or position with scheduled outputs
  • Easily communicate with your existing hardware including PLCs via Modbus TCP 
Dual Sensor System
  • Gocator automatically recognizes a second sensor called a “Buddy”
  • Dual sensor mode seamlessly combines profile data from both Main and Buddy sensors as if they were one
  • Dual Sensor Systems use a single GUI to configure, measure, make decisions, and show results
Multi-Sensor Networking
  • When an application calls for more than a dual sensor system, multiple sensors can be networked using Master hubs
  • The Master hub family offers models that support 4, 8, 12, or 24 Gocator connections using standard cabling
  • Master hubs provide power, laser safety, and synchronization (time, encoder, external trigger)
  • Each Gocator transmits 3D profile data to the host computer through standard Ethernet switches

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