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Universal Robots

Universal Robots

Collaborative robotic technology can be used to benefit all aspects of task-based businesses – no matter what their size

Universal 6- axis collaborative robot arms are advanced tools that can automate and streamline repetitive industrial processes. The UR-3, UR-5 and UR-10 6 axis collaborative robots are:

  • Easily and rapidly deployed into new applications
  • Extremely compact and space-efficient
  • Do not require safety guarding
  • Can be moved easily from workstation to workstation across your facility

Introducing the New Universal Robots e-Series!

The new e-Series takes robotic automation beyond what you can do today. Built with the future in mind, the e-Series is designed to grow in capabilities alongside your automation and production needs.

Seamless Integration into any Production Line – Intuitive user friendly Programming Interface – Diverse variety of Applications enabling flexible deployment.

e-series UR Introduces UR3e, UR5e and UR10e collaborative Robots
e-series Universal Robots accessories
e-series The UR-3 is the latest, smaller table-top robot for light assembly tasks and automated workbench scenarios.
e-series The UR5 is ideal to optimize low-weight collaborative processes, such as: picking, placing and testing.
e-series The UR10 is an industrial collaborative robot arm, designed for bigger tasks and can automate processes and tasks that weighs up to 10 kg.