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Robotiq – 2-Finger Adaptive Gripper

The Adaptive Gripper is made for real manufacturing; use the same Gripper model for all automation cells in your factory. Fully programmable, the 2-Finger Gripper allows you to automate handling parts through three distinct gripping modes: parallel grip, encompassing grip and inside pick. It is compatible with all major industrial robots. We offer Plug + Play integration packages for Universal Robots.

  • Gripper Stroke: 
    • 2-Finger 85: 0 to 85 mm
    • 2 Finger 140: 0 to 140 mm
  • Maximum Recommended Payload:
    • 2-Finger 85: 5 k g
    • 2-Finger 140: 2.5kg

2 Finger Adaptive 85 Spec Sheet

2 Finger Adaptive 140 Spec Sheet

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