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MiR Autonomous Mobile Robots

MiR produces the most advanced autonomous mobile robot for small-task indoor transportation of items in the manufacturing industry, logistics and healthcare markets. Programming and operation happen through an intuitive interface accessible via a smartphone and tablet or PC application in just a few hours without additional implementation costs. The robot can either “identify” its drive area and surroundings or import 3D drawings of the building layout. Built-in sensors and cameras enable the MiR to be used for safe collaborative operation in an environment with people as it automatically stops and routes around obstacles.

MiR supplies its collaborative, safe and autonomous robots to multinational industrial groups and midsized companies. MiR robots carry out internal transportation tasks quickly, easily and cost-effectively, to free employees for more valuable activities.


Mobile Industrial Robot transports up to 200 lbs. (100 kg)

MiR100 Mobile Industrial Robot transports up to 440 lbs ( 200 kg)
MiR100 MiR500 is designed to automate the transportation of pallets and heavy loads across industries.
MiR100 Designed for automate internal transportation of heavy duties and pallets. Payload of 1000 kg.
MiR100 Automatic Charging Station
MiR100 Web-Based Interface for centralized control of robot fleet
MiR100 Automatic Pick-Up and Drop-off of carts up to 661 lbs. (300 kg)
MiR100 Automatic Pick-Up and Drop-off of carts up to 1100 lbs. ( 500 kg)