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MiR Autonomous Mobile Robots – MiR200


The MiR200 mobile industrial robot is a cost-effective & safe solution so you can quickly automate your internal logistics & transportation. With the MiR200 you can free up staff resources, increase productivity, optimize workflows & lower costs.

How the MiR200 Can Help Improve Your Facility?

Are your employees spending time pushing carts & making deliveries? An autonomous mobile robot with superior flexibility & smart technology, the MiR200 allows businesses to transport up to 440 lbs (200 kg).

You can finally automate these simple tasks and free up employees so they can focus on high-value tasks.

Not only can the MiR200 safely & efficiently transport over 400 pounds, it can be mounted with customized top modules like bins, racks, lifts, conveyors & collaborative robot arms. Top modules are easily changed so robots can be redeployed for a variety of tasks.

The best features of the MiR200 are its safety and ease of programming. It’s capable of maneuvering around people and objects, through doors, and on & off elevators. When it’s time to program the MiR200, no prior experience is needed. You can even upload CAD files of the building directly to the robot. The robot’s mission can be adapted using a computer connected to a network, and via smartphone & tablet.

With the MiR200 there is also no need to alter your facility because it can identify and adapt to its surroundings. It will analyze its routes and take the most efficient route to the final destination. Its ease of use combined with its many benefits make the MiR200 a great choice for fast ROI.

Mir200 Features

  • Eliminates Material Flow Bottlenecks & Increases Productivity
  • Frees Up Employees & Allows Them to Focus on High-Value Tasks
  • Safe & Efficient – maneuvers around people & objects
  • No Changes to Current Facility Needed
  • No Prior Programming Experience Needed
  • Can Be Redeployed for a Variety of Tasks with Various Top Modules
  • Transports up to 440 lbs (200 kg)
  • Can Support Up To 1100 lbs (500 kg) with the MiRHook
  • Fast ROI

MiR200 Specifications

Collaborative mobile robot designed for small transport tasks


Length – 890 mm
Width – 580 mm
Height – 352 mm
Height Above Floor – 50 mm
Weight w/o Load – 137 lbs (62.5 kg)
Payload – 440 lbs (200 kg)

Speed & Performance

10 hours or 15 km running time
Max speed of 1.1 m/s forward, 0.3 m/s backward
520 mm turning radius
Battery charging time up to 3 hours
Max height from floor to top is 1800 mm


Wi-Fi – dual-band wireless AC/G/N/B
Bluetooth – 4.0 LE, range: 10-20 m
I/Os – USB & Ethernet

Safety Sensors

SICK laser scanners (front & back) S300 for 360˚ Visual Protection
3D Intel RealSense™ Camera for detection of objects ahead 50-500 mm above floor
Ultrasonic scanners for detection of transparent objects such as glass doors