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MiR Autonomous Mobile Robots – MiRFleet


MiRFleet uses a web-based interface which allows for centralized control of a robot fleet.

How MiRFleet Can Improve Your Facility

MiRFleet can eliminate bottlenecks & downtime, while operating a 24/7 mobile robot operation. The web-based interface is easily programmable and integrates with different top modules, hooks & other accessories. Once it is programmed it automatically prioritizes the robot best suited for a job based on position & availability. MiRFleet will get your facility running at maximum efficiency.

With MiRFleet you are always in the loop. The system can update you via SMS or email and let you know if it’s running into any obstacles or issues preventing it from running at maximum efficiency. The built-in PLC allows you to integrate with external resources like elevators and charging stations.

MiRFleet Features

Centralized Control of a Fleet of Up to 100 Robots

  • Intuitive Programming & Monitoring
  • Automatically Assigns Priorities & Coordinates Robots
  • Supports Multiple Access Levels for Different Users
  • Integrates with PLC Modules
  • Automatically Recharges Robot Batteries
  • Coordinates Critical Zones